Fight Seminar Denmark 2019 – writhe up

After a intense weekend in Copenhagen, Denmark – and now when the 19th edition of the Fight seminar is history, we’ll take a look back what went down. With over 160 participants (new record?!) the seminar was fully booked long time before, and no doubt that this year attractions Nazar Nasirov, Russia and Maciej Mazur, Poland made it highly interesting, but also the many top teams and national teams that was signed up. For those who has been on this camp before will the choice bee easy – you will sign up!

This will be for many of you a rerun from earlier write up about the seminar perhaps, but one do have to point out what qualities this camp have as a base. Considering the large number of athletes participating (which only increases every year), it is incredibly well-groomed and efficiently implemented.

At low cost you get top serving of food, and in large quantities, and not least the right food in view of all the activity you have this weekend. And with the energy one use through the weekend, this is a important factor. And it is easy to see that this is really something that people appreciated.

Besides the practical things in this part of the seminar, the guidelines and the overall focus is also something that is well incorporated. This goes more in the direction of how to get maximum benefit from the training sessions. With two sessions à 3 hours training Saturday,  and ca two sessions à 2 hours Sunday, it is necessary to see the camp in a total view, regulate and adapt so everyone can go through tired but strengthened. Mathias Davidoff Halberg Sensei have always been clear on this point, and this together with the above mention factors to the great success. The technical focus is the main factor, and of course that will lead to development.

Instructors 2019

For the second time on the camp as an instructor: Nazar Nasirov, Russia. Being one of the top fighter of the world – it it always of great interest to see what kind of factors he will bring into the seminar. And if we see the participants of the seminar that mainly comes from Europe, it makes it a little more exotic as well. Russia known as one of the strongest nations in the world regarding to Kyokushin Karate. Nasirov’ s high pace fighting style makes him very hard to face at the tatami – combined with the variation makes it at a level that only a few that can follow him.

Elements of this was part of exercises this weekend, and due to the demonstrations the technical aspect walked hand in hand with the physical. Great pointers from Nasirov as he also showed how to include surprising faints in the game that was mixed up with variations fro before. Also repeatedly pointed out that doing exercises in pair, both must work with quality – not only the one with the extended task. As warm up sessions there was also for many some new and maybe unorthodox exercises, but once again of great interest for the participants who eagerly joined in with top spirit!

For the first time at this camp, Maciej Mazur , Poland. Since it as the first time for many of the participants to experience Maciej as a instructor, there was naturally excitement and expectations. All know that it is not automatically that you are a top instructor – because you are a top fighter.

To be a good instructor, one must have the ability to promote a message and highlight the details and essence of the topic as well. To Presenting a theme for a large group also requires that what you convey “hits” the whole group, and not just parts of it.

Maciej appears as a very comfortable and competent instructor, and got what mention above. The instruction was presented with great precision, details were emphasized and not least this was training drills that had a range over several levels. One could instantly recognize the training drills in context of fight, and this made it alive and realistic – not to mention very useful fights – regardless of what level you were at. The drills had a starting point naturally, and besides this there were opportunities to add what your experience could contribute with. All in all good drills that provided a good base and that facilitated development.

The sparring

This part of the camp really makes you feel the capacity of the event. So many high class fighters really lifts the level up, and when we know that national teams from many countries attend – well no words needs to be said! The attitude from participants are at the very best. You will be lifted up from the participants that have more skills than you, and the understanding among the participants and the organizers gives you huge amount of sparring – with out the risk of injuries.

The fight seminar in Denmark is one of a kind, and especially for the Northern Europe countries this play a significant role, but of course also for all the other that attend. One big factor especially this year, was the support from Polish top fighters. The number and the level of their team makes a big difference. A big thanks to Mathias Davidoff Halberg Sensei who is the man behind it – and all his helpers!

Thanks to all who makes this happen – and just give us the date for 2020 – we know the place and how to get there!

In front, under and after the seminar there has been quite some publicity with pictures and videos – and it’s still going on (visit Fighting seminar Denmark for updates) Pictures in this article are to find at the same FB site.