International autumn camp 14-16 sep 2018, Sweden

This year, as last year International autumn camp will be held in Northern Sweden, Skellefteå. Last years camp was a great success, and the recipe for that was a mix of good organizing from Guldstaden Kyokushin Karate. In the lead of Oualid Burström Sensei and Hanna Lundmark Sempai and good helpers from the Dojo. And not to forget the “most wanted” Romanian masterclass with Marius Ilas Sensei, Anca Wallmen Shihan and Harris Wallmen Sensei..

Now it’s so that this fall brings a lot of activity to the Shinkyokushin calendar. And big events are close to each other, and when we look at Sweden alone, it’s unique how many top events it is.

But that said, set the course toward the Northern Sweden, Skellefteå 14-16 September, meet some really nice people and train under some of the absolute best here is in the businesses!

Full camp info and registration you will find here