Winiarska, Kozubowski and Mazur – Best i Poland!

Polish Open weight Championship 2017 

Three of the top European players from Poland made another strong effort this weekend by winning the Polish National Open weight Agata Winiarska (Kaliciak) women category, Maciek Mazur in the men`s category. And last but not least Konrad Kozubowski Kata champion.

21 October, the Polish senior Open-weight championships were held, and the Polish junior championship. The championship (senior) gathered 246 participants from 36 clubs, and  (Junior) 196 players from 58 clubs.



This tournament includes participants from all organisations in Poland, and with others words it holds a very strong level. Both Open-weight winners seemed to be in for a really strong year, as both of them have reached their best results.

Agata Winiarska (Kaliciak) made it all the way to the top in the IFK World Championship in May, and we are very excited to see what result she can reach in the World Championship in December. She did also enter the podium in the British Open in September, doing so facing and winning against some of the really strong fighters from Lithuania among others.



Maciek Mazur, reign European Champion in Super heavyweight this spring, after being the runner up two ears in row. Recently Mazur challenging the Japanese elite, participating in the 49th All Japan Open – last weekend! -and made it to 5th place in this strong tournament. Now he takes his second Polish Open-weight tittle.


Konrad Kozubowski. In this years European Championship he became the European Champion in Kata,but that was not enough! He also made it to the final in the lightweight category where he became the runner up. This made him qualify to the World Championship in weight Categories. (Photo album)

Picture from Centrum Challenger