Polish Openweight Tournament 2016

polish_live2016-kopiA Polish Champion, or “one of the best” in Poland, will always be associated with top elite level. Poland with great Kyokushin history and traditions, will without a doubt be one of the leading nations in Europe. But who would be the best in Poland? This weekend Polish Openweight Tournament was held to give us the answer…  The tournament was streamed live, and this was done with one camera to each mat, covering the tournament professional, instead of a quasi solution that we have seen not long ago in other international tournaments.

The tournament did also have categories for junior and cadets, and it Kata competitions as well. It was also a category for “Old Master” +35 years.The tournament had several breaks, and in this breaks others martial arts and sports could get the opportunity to show others what the some of the discipline they trained was about.

The main fights was held in a center tatemi, above the floor, and in the finals, lights and music was added to get a really great setting to it all. (pictures from TKS Karate Tarnowskie Góry)

marta_lubosThe tournament had fighters from different organizations, and some of the best fighters met to fight.The top four fighters in the Open men division are top Polish fighters. From IKO1 Patryk Sypien, winner of European Championship Open-weight in 2014, and been on the podium the four last EC`s. From the same team Damian Galiński. The runner up in EC Open-weight EC 2014 IKO1. The last of top four was from Shinkyokushin, Marek Wolny (video gallery)and Macej Mazur (video gallery). Mazur being the runner up in the European Championship the last two years, loosing to the one and only Valeri Dimitrov, after good performance.

Macej Mazur takes the tittle, beating Patryk Sypien in the final. A worthy final, where Mazur being the one pressuring the action, and really making it uncomfortable for Sypien with his kicking abilities. Sypien struggled to find out of Mazur rhythm and unexpected attacks. This was also the picture when the excellent stopped several of his opponents before full time. -as he did against Damian Galiński.


The semi final was a real crowd-pleaser, between Sypien and Marek Wolny. After two extensions, Sypien declares as the winner with three flags. Also strong performance by Wolny, pressuring Sypien and connects also with headkicks – but not enough impact. Sypien very strong, and makes a good last 30 second to get the victory. Sypien for sure uses a lot of energy in this fight – and with one fight to go, hard day at work!

In the women division Marta Lubos (video polishow_womengallery) takes the tittle, and being one of the lightest fighter this is really one of her strongest performance, and a proof of that her technique is so good that it can take on heavier opponents. The final against Agata Winiarska (video gallery) is a good final, and Winiarska do hold a very good level, proven several times. The fight goes on,and to the end it comes down to decision on weight.

Top four women open-weight ⇒  

The semifinals, Lubos vs Anna Bojda was a top performance by Lubos. Bojda – good fighter, can not keep up with Lubos pace and technique-speed. The other semi Agnieszka Winek vs Agata Winiarska was also good, as expected – being the reign European Champion in IKO1, and that was her second EC tittle. But no doubt that the victory was set almost from the start – to Agata Winiarska, who was all over and did not let her opponent rest for a second.

Women final 5:50 – Men final 17:00 ⇓  (result below the video)


pdfdownloadLINK to the stream, it`s still out..

⇐ Results from the tournament.