Caucasus Cup 2014

caucasuscup2014ISeptember 28th Caucasus Cup 2014 – Georgian Open was held. From the year before,2013, this had been a strong international tournament with countries as Azerbaijan, Lithuania, Armenis,Kazakhstan and Georgia. This year it was fewer countries at the line up. The main reason for that was that about the sam eperiod of time several big tournaments was held across Europe. But som new countries attendet this year,  Greece and Israel.  But Caucasus Cup remains as a very strong tournament, and the medals is hanging high.  

Videos and results from Caucasus Cup 2014. The tournament had about 100 fighters from several organizations and countries. Armenia, Azerbaijan, Greece, Israel and Georgia.

Men -70kg
1. Berdia Gorgadze (Georgia, Shinkyokushinkai)
2. Shalva Magradze (Georgia, IFK)
3. Davit Loria (Georgia, Shinkyokushinkai), Sergo Movsesyan (Georgia, Kyokushinkan)

Men -80kg
1. Tengo Bastoiani (Georgia, Kyokushinkan)
2. Yasir Mammadov (Azerbaijan)
3. Aristotelis Melikiadis (Greece), Lasha Ozbetelashvili (Georgia, Seibukai)

Men +80kg (open)
1. Levan Tsintsadze (Georgia, Shinkyokushinkai)
2. Levan Verulidze (Georgia, Kyokushinkai)
3. Givi Karkalaia (Georgia, Kyokushinkan), Raffi Torosyan (Armenia)

Women (open)
1. Ani Bochorishvili (Georgia, Shinkyokushinkai)
2. Salome Modebadze (Georgia, Kyokushinkan)
3. Tamar Bibileishvili (Georgia, Kyokushin Clubs` Union), Tamar Kurashvili (Georgia, Kyokushinkai)