In the world of Kyokushinkai there are many incredibly good performers. They are among the elite absolute are often profiled everywhere. Here we try to get to know even more practitioners of the hard-working Karateka. And who knows who’s on top of the podium next time? This is Shinkyokushin video gallery   …more to come..

Profile pictures from WKO Shinkyokushinkai

Ivanka Deleva, Bulgaria

Deleva entered the European Championship podium back in 2017, in a very hard category. Working hers way upward in the European Championships, into the 2nd place the year after – and later same year, 2018 – the first EC tittle is a fact – in the open-weight category..

Diana Mačiūtė, Lithuania

Top performer from one of the strongest nations, and a complete athlete with top skills in fight as well as Kata. Been top three for many years in the European Championship region, European Champion and winner of several Open tournaments. Strong with good impact in her techniques, and ended fights before full time more than one time. Became the kwu World Champion in 2017. 2018-3rd place in Kata in the European Shinkyokushin Championship.

Brigita Gustaitytė, Lithuania. Winner of many tournaments as Swedish Open,Memorial Branko Bošnjak and more – and almost always reaching the podium. Lately started to climb in at the Shin European Championship podium as well. This was the first EC Shin medal, 2nd in the EC 2019. Later in 2019 she went all the way in the KWU World Championship, and became the world champion. Earlier in KWU made it to the final inn 2015 – and became the vice champion in the 2nd KWU World Championship. 2020 1st EFKO EC Champion.

Bursting into the 11th World Championship final being only 16 years – Juri Minamihara becomes a Fullcontact karate star over the night. Being the runner up at this WT was only the start. Minamihara showed then several top results on the international stage – and of course top spots in All Japan Open, JFKO championships as well. Incredible spirit, and with 154 high 52-54 kg weight – we understand her technical aspect,her ability to protect and fight bigger opponents. In weight division she prove to be the best: world Champion in 2017 middleweight category, and in open weight 2019.

Sara Hägge, Sweden. An excellent example of what it means to never give up in order to reach one’s goals. Many times received The spirit Award for her huge fighting-heart. Handles every technical aspect, have fought against the best, and have records that are solid. Has won several Open tournaments as Scottish, Swedish, Danish. Branko Memorial and taken step by step up to the European top. Two times runner up in the Diamond Cup, 3rd place in EC 2016, European Champion 2017.

Inga Mikštaitė, Lithuania One of most decorated (if not the most decorated) active fighter in Europa. Mikštaitė has been the superior fighter in the middleweight division, and holds 8 European Championship titles (WKO) and added one more in the KWU EC. Also at the world stage do she have records, 3rd World Cup 2009 and 4th in the World Championship 2011,2nd in 2019. Also one 2nd and two 3rd places in the Open Weight EC. Technical very good all rounded, and more than one time sharp techniques has ended her fights before full time. KWU World Champion in 2017.

Lyudmila Ustyugova, one of Kazakhstan’s many good fighters. World Champion in 2018, KWF. World Champion in 2019 this time in KWU. Improving her her result from 2017 when she came in on 3rd place. 2017 was a very noticeable year, reaching the final in the 6th World Championship weight categories WKO. The only non Japanese entering the podium. A real statement knocking down 3 time All Japan Champion Kikukawa in the semifinal and entering the upper level of lightweight fighters of the world.

Marta Lubos , Poland. A highly technical performer, who always performs well in competitions. Very tournament active, and her frequent appearances are noticed by many.Also getting special awards, has been seen more than one time. Entering the EC podium (14,16,17 & 2018) and also manage to take a strong 2nd place in the KWU EC 2016 and the spirit award,followed this up in 2018 taking the tittle. Also 2nd in the Shin EC same year. Two 3rd places in 2019 – on in EC Open-weight WKO,(qualifying to World Championship) and also in the World Championship KWU.

Zsófia Szabó, Hungary. Working her way up in the European Championship ranks, and taking the tittle, 2016/17. Szabó has been one of the stable practitioners in the lighter divisions. Possesses that many misses in that division, sharp techniques that ends in Wazari or Ippon Some merits: EC 3rd 2013/14, EC 2nd 2015 and 1st 2016. Branko Memorial champion 2015/14/13, Winning the Austrian Open +best fighter 2015, 2nd Mas Oyama Memorial 2014. Also showed great skill going up against bigger opponents, and given them technical challenges.

Agata (Kaliciak) Winiarska, Poland. Six times Polish champion, and among the best female fighters in the heavyweight category in Europe. Good all round fighting style with strong punching and punishing Mae geri`s,has been some of the skills that has brought the Polish fighter on the EC podium several times. EC in 2013,14 and 3rd place 2015. Open weight EC 3rd place 2014. 3rd in the EC 2016. Runner up in KWU Word Championship 2019

  • IFK World Champion 2017
  • KWU World Champion 2017
  • KWU European Champion 2016
  • WKO EC Champion 2019

Nozomi Kanemitsu, Japan. Winner of the 3rd World Cup 2005,and runner up in the 4th World Cup 2009, Nozomi Kanemitsu have been one of the absolute top fighters in the light weight category. Represented Japan in the 5ht World Cup as well, reached the quarter final. Also strong performance in the All Japan Open / weight categories has made her record solid with several top results. Her good timing combined with excellent movement makes her a hard fighter to face, and her kick capacity is well known.

Misaki Sato, Japan. Name one female fighter that have manage to win three World weight championship + one 2nd place. That alone will give us a idea out how skilled this fighter is. Sato from Japan have been the best female fighter in the world in the -65 category. She have also proven that she can reach to the top in open weight categories as well being the vice World Champion in 2007 and 3rd in 2015 Moving very smart, and strong techniques makes Misaki Sato  – taking many top prizes in All Japan`s Tournaments.

Viviana Alexandra Chirilia, Romania. In the heavy weight category, Viviana Chirilia have always been a fighter to follow. Strong fighting style, with brutal power in her techniques.Looking at the European basis, she has reach the podium in the Open Weight tournament as well as in weight category. Also reached the second place in the World Cup 2009. Fought her way to the final in Mazowia MAX 80 in 2014 and 3rd at EC. 7 times at the EC wight category podium, including being the EC Champion .

Rita Pivoriunaite, Lithuania. One of the most winning fighter in Europe, i the lightweight category. European Champion 2010.2011 and 2013,3rd place in World Cup 2013, and winning the EC in 2015. Besides her great fighting skills, she also holds a top level in Kata. Among the 8th best in the European Championships. Winner 1st KWU European Championship 2016. Also been fighting in the World Tournament, open weight, with good accomplishments.

Emi Shoguchi, Japan. World Champion of the 10th World Championship 2011 and winner of All Japan Open Tournament several times, and All Japan weight divisions championship. Second place World Weight Championship 2013, World Champion in 2017 in Weight Categories. Fighting larger opponents have not prevented success. In addition to the technical and tactical capacity, she holds tremendous fighter’s heart!

Edit Abraham, Hungary.European champion several times, and top world athlete for many years. 2nd place World Cup 2009 June 20th & 21st, St. Petersburg, Russia, 2009, and only few month later she took 4th place in the All Kyokushin World Tournament 2nd, 3rd & 4th October 2009, Budapest, Hungary. Always hardworking and honest will to perform her very best

Szepesi Csenge, Hungary Strong with good pace and always in good physical shape. . World champion in the open Royama WT. 2nd in European championship 2011 (MW) and 2012 (HW) European Champion 2013/14 and 15 (HW) Also in the Open weight EC: 3rd place 2012 and EC Open weight champion 2013.Winning Hungarian Oyama Memorial Cup 2014. World Champion 2015 WKO. Winning the IFK British Open in 2016

Margarita Ciuplyte, Lithuania. Runner up in the World tournament 2011, and winner of the 4th World Cup 2009/13. Numerous times European champion, and several other titles. Not many can resist her blend of strength and strong technique. Is also a popular instructor at several camp and seminars.  Made her last appearance in the World Cup in 2013, at home soil in Lithuania – looking back at about 10 years of fighting at top European level.

Isis Pinilla, Spain. 2-times European Champion, 2008 and 2009. A good all round Shinkyokushin athlete, in Kumite and in Kata. Represented Spain in the 10th World Championship in Japan 2011.Known for strong spirit and have been awarded for that. Been on the European Championship podium for the last years, 3rd place in 2011,12,13 and 15 and runner up in the 2016 EC. Also representing Spain in the 11th World Championship in Japan, 2015.