Welcome to this website!


For some year back I did not know anything about working with computer, web systems or make a website. Working on a normal basis as a carpenter, I had no need for this skills to get my job done.

But the society changes, and one have to keep up with the development so far that it is possible. Kyokushin in Norway is not big, and the information are have few channels to reach the Karatekas. These two things become the main reason for working with this web. Play with the computer to get better, and inform my students.


This year I was lucky to be one one the national coaches for NKO Norwegian Kyokushin Org. /Shinkyokushin Norway. Suddenly I released that I needed more skills to fill this role. Now suddenly it became also more linking to the international environment, I quickly noticed..


I learn something new every day by working on a hobby basis of this website. And to all those who have given me help, I am grateful for all the help. Here in this context, I realize that I am 10.kyu and the will to perform come first, before the skills.


Steffen Haukedalen NKO