Magnus Hanssen,Jimmie Collin and Szepesi Csenge seminar

Jimmie Collin / Sweden and Szepesi Csenge / Hungary seminar in Poland August 2013

And you will also have the joy to train with their trainers and coaches!

Top fighters from Sweden, Hungary and Poland will met in Poland 24-25 August 2013.

One of Europe top male fighter,

Sempai Jimmie Collin is ready for seminar, summer camp in Poland. Behind this amazing fighter, trainer and national coach of Sweden : Sempai Magnus Hanssen. Jimmie Collin is perhaps the most known of  Hanssen`s fighters, but he is not alone. At several levels you will find strong fighters.




Look out for Sweden in this EC, the Swedish team have not often seen better than this year.






Szepesi Csenge, Winner of the All

Kyokushin World Tournament 2009 Hungary.Been one of the strongest female fighter in Europe for the last years. Fighting out of Hungary, who are known for strong fighters. Also to find : Zoltàn Plolacsek.

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