Virginia Shinkyokushin Karate – with a touch of Norway

“For the last 27 years I have competed and trained in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, England, and the United States. I also engaged in other martial arts forms, such as Enshin Karate, which is very similar to Kyokushin Karate, Judo, Kick Boxing, Thai Boxing, and Brazilian Jiu Jutsu, but  I always come back to Kyokushin Karate and my roots. ”  -Sempai Karsten Davidsen





Sempai Karsten Davidsen from Norway moved to Virginia with Karate in his back pack. Now the Head instructor of Virgina Shinkyokushin Karate Dojo. Moving to a new location and country it would have been easy to let training and habits slow down…but not if you are  born and raised in Kyokushin Karate. Virginai Shinkyokushin Karate with a touch of Norway!

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Shihan Howard Collins and Shihan Brian Fitkin have presided over all my graduations, so I have consistently been held to the highest standards. -K.Davidsen.

Shihans of Sweden : Håkan Nygren, Howard Colins and Mikael Söderkvist. In front Sempai Karsten Davidsen.