Kumite Seminar Denmark 2013


Denmark have a long tradition forming good knock down fighters. From the early days of Kyokushin Karate, they have created several fighters who have fought on the highest level international. Train with Danish fighters on the annual fight camp in April!


Denmark, Copenhagen 20.04.2013 – 21.04.2013

The Danish Kumite camp has strong profiles that have topped the instructor section. Dansih fighters and instructors, as Benno Rasmussen, Brian Jackobsen, Jesper Hallberg always keeps the top level.


Guest instructors have also been first class : Valeri Dimitrov, Kenta Mori, Denis Grigorier to name a few in the men category. Top women instructors have also been in action, Margarita Ciuplyte and Rita Pivoriünaité.

The camp is known for its great hospitality and great atmosphere. On normal basis fighters from Denmark, Sweden and Norway are joining the camp, but the camp is getting bigger and more countries are starting to join.


Norwegian fighters with Kenta Mori, Brian Jackobsen and Matias Halberg in 2012

*Top instructors. 

*Highly motivated athletes. 

*Good atmosphere during exercise.

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