International Seminar 2022 France. 17-19 of June.

France invite to a high profiled seminar with some of the best profiles in Europa! Not only will the seminar offer top international instructors – the French organisation will also attend with their top names! Cristian Bolut, Konrad Kozubowski and Camille Haddouche – as an start!

Note: Not official poster, you will find the in the article.

More info will come on the official facebook site A.S.Omnisport

All these eminent athletes are well known for the most of us, so it is easy to decide if one shold go or not. Note that these instructors are hot names, all ready booked for several events this year, all ready been the main attraction!

Don’t miss the chance to train with the best Cristian Bolut, Konrad Kozubowski and Camille Haddouche! All three still active, all three delivers on top level – almost as we speak.