EC Romania 1998

Some old clips from The European Championship in 1998, held in Oradea, Romania. At the time, the women fought their EC in weight categories, as in the men’s division it was the Open-weight and Kata.

Fight open weight men – Harald Reiz Haris, L. Polimero, Gyula Telek, F.Golopenta, A.Musajev, E.Stenfeld and more preliminary rounds.

B.Bladi, O.Adrienko, and more pluss opening ceremony with Midori Kenji Shihan.

Kata tournament: Istvan Szabo, Pahr Wassman, Pascuale Requena, Atilla Toth, Harris Wallmen and more..

Demostration with Satoshi Yiu

Women’s categories: Kristina Sos, O. Lukenskaite, Anca Chirila (Wallmen), Rita Sztanko..

Anca Chirila (Wallmen), Rita Sztanko, Ivett Toth, Roma Miksyte. MEN’S division, Paulius Klapatauskas, Harald Reiz Haris