European Championship U-categories

The European Karate Championship Shinkyokushin for U-categories will be held in Romania, Oradea 13 & 14 November (Which in practice means 11-15) Kumite and Kata are on the menu, divided in age categories from U-21 (Youth) , U-18 (Juniors) and U-16 (Cadets) Lately we have seen that the top fighters in U-21 contain such high level, that they are capable to reach the podium in the EC seniors. This will also be the first edition with U-categories “alone” separated from adults.

As mention, U-21 top fighters are now so well prepared that they challenge top fighters in the seniors / adults categories, from time to time. we have seen several times that young fighters come into the adult EC and reach the podium. as an example we have Bulgarian fighter Borislav Baychev, who went from the U-21 EC podium in 2019, and entered the adult EC podium now in Georgia EC.

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This is not exclusively in the men’s class, this is also in the women division. Another example – this time from the women category, European Champion U-21 2018, reached the podium and 3rd place in the adults EC 2019 (and again in 2021) Csenge Tóth / Hungary.


11th and 12th of November2021

Thursday/Friday: Arrival of WKO Guests, of EKO Board, Committees, Referees, Officials and Participants Medical testing procedures at the official hotel in accordance with established regulations

12.11.2021 Friday

10:00 – 16:00 weight and medical control;
09:00 – EKO referee committee meeting;
10:00 – EKO technical and grading committee meeting;
11:00 – EKO medical and anti-doping committee meeting;
12:00 – EKO Board meeting;
15:00 – EKO Referee seminar;
19:00 – Draws;
20:00 – Welcome Dinner for EKO, VIP, CR and BC

All meetings will take place in the Official Hotel

13.11.2021 Saturday:

1st Day 10:00 – Startof European Championship 1st day;

  • Kata all age categories,
  • Cadets U16 kumite tournament on 3/ 4 Tatami) 19:00 – Awarding Ceremony

14.11.2021 Sunday:

2nd Day 10:00 – Start of European championship 2nd day;

  • Kumite for Juniors and U20 ( on3/ 4 Tatami) 19:00 – Awarding Ceremony