Hungarian national 2021

A week ago, the Hungarian national was held (25/4) and the top Hungarian elite faced each other to decide the best fighters and Kata practitioners of the nation. In other world some of the best European fighters meet – for not to say best in the word – since two times world champion Szepesi Csenge did her comeback on the tatami..

The results are well known, but we list them up, and link them up with some pictures taken by SHINKYOKUSHIN MARTIAL ARTS FEDERATION HUNGARY visit, and you will find more pictures and information of the event.

The top names are profiles that we have notice before, and there is no doubt that Hungary will bring in a very solid team in the upcoming tournaments. We can see that the up and coming younger fighters are establish themselves in the senior class – not a surprising thing, when we remember their results.

Women & Men Kata

1. Balázs Panni – Shogun Se
2. Sólyom Anna – Shogun Se
3. Bodó Anita – Tekeres SK

1.Kránitz Mátyás – Kamikaze Sopron
2. Balázsi Levente – BHMSE
3. Kismárton Zoltán – Tekeres SK

Women +65 kg

1.Szepesi Csenge – Kamikaze Sopron
2. Tóth Csenge – Harcosok Klubja
3. Szalay Berta – Balatoni Multi SE

Women -65 kg

1. Kerekes Réka – Yakuzák Se
2. Puskás Fruzsina – KHSE
3. Bóka Viktória – Griff SE

Women -55 kg

1. Litvák Lili – KHSE
2. Dévényi Vanda – Victory

Men -65 kg

1. Karczub Donát – Bátor KSE
2. Magyar Zoltán – KKE Spartacus
3. Nagy Gábor – Shinkyo SE

Men -75 kg

1. Móczó Milán – Yakuzák Se
2. Fekete Farkas Mór – Victory
3. Lendvai László – Bushido Karate Se

Men -85 kg

1. Fekete Gergely – Victory
2. Ujvári Bálint – Ippon KKSE
3. Karczub Zalán – Bátor KSE

Men -95 kg

1. Magyar Levente – Bátor KSE
2. Dávid Ádám – Derecske BUDO
3. Lajtos Patrik – Hajdúszoboszló

Men +95 kg

1. Dávid Máté – Derecske BUDO
2. Dávid András – Derecske BUDO
3. Gulyás Gyula Dávid – Yamato SE