Kokoro Cup 2020 – it’s on!

So, the fight-card and the fights are ready for this years Kokoro Cup. Some very good match up’s to top the event where Poland’s top names takes on other top fighters – from Europe. We will take a look at the match up of this years event!

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The Bielański Kyokushin Karate Club and our partners and co-organizers invite you to the 13th edition of KOKORO CUP

The fight-card gives us nine, 11 fights. And out of them, four fights include international competition. The rest are fights with Poland vs Poland. In these fights, it seems like a good mix, established fighters vs up and coming fighters.

Official FB site and official website. LIVE STREAM Seniors 5th December – juniors 6th.

We will start with the only international fight in the women category:

Monika Zielińska 🇵🇱 vs Camille Hadouche 🇫🇷

Two really top fighters, European podium both of them. Both have outstanding technique, great kicking skills and good movement. Both fights with very clean, and makes it always interesting to follow – not “aimless punching” or “hummingbird style” Far as we can recall – the have not met in a major tournament..yet!

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Monika Zielińska – Polish top fighter, and also European Champion from 2018. Zielińska have a very nice fighting style. Seems very relaxed, nice tactical movement, does also deliver solid technics when she moves into next chosen possession. Have a very god reportorial, and mixes it always smart together. Represented Poland in the World Championship last year, lost to Japanese top fighter Momo Fujihara in a fight that Zielińska was at least at the same level.

Camille Hadouche – brings the fight to “you” straight to the point with good technics. Explosive kicks – from distance, with movements – and brings in the factor of finishing the fight before full time. Did loose on warnings in the EFKO EC, but but that was the exception. Fighting in many tournaments across organizations, makes her experience also great – and inn the baggage: EC Tittle from 2016 KWF, also the British Open Champion 2018

Maciej Mazur 🇵🇱 vs Paulius Žimantas 🇱🇹

This will be a rematch from the final of the European Championship the spring 2019,and as we remember Mazur took the fight. They was impressive in the EC, and they continued to impress later on – as we all remember in the 12th World Championship. With one win to Mazur already, is there a point with a rematch? Without any doubt!

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Paulius Žimantas, one of the raising stars from Lithuania. Earning two second places in major tournaments within a year. The first in EC Lithuania, yes, the one with Mazur. The second in the EFKO EC this year in Belgium – only beaten by Eventas Gužauskas. When it comes to the World Championship, 3rd fight he was beaten by a very strong Ilya Yakovlev. We add, as a fun fact related in this article: Ilya Yakovlev the winner of Kokoro Cup 8. Žimantas do also possess the skills to end fights quick – and in all major tournaments including the World Championship, he floors his opponents to earn the fastest K.O.

Maciej Mazur do also has the skills to end the fights quickly, as we have seen many times. And this is exactly what happened when they met in EC in 2019. Then he turned the match around, after being very hard pressed in the beginning. In addition, he also has a champion’s ability to keep going in the long run. Last time they met, it was in Lithuania, this time it will be at Mazur’s home court. But we must not forget that this time it is one round a 5 minutes – and that’s it! Who will have the greatest benefit from this?

Jakub Tęcza 🇵🇱 vs Jean Paul Jacquot 🇫🇷

This is a very interesting match up – why? In this fight we have to different kind of fighters – not only in style, but also in experience and the physical aspect.

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Jean Paul Jacquot – has been in countless fights and tournaments. And that at a high level. If we should point of a couple of his last top achievements, it must be the 2nd place KWU World Championship in 2019, and he manage to grab the EFKO EC tittle – just before the Covid-19 pandemic shut all down. And of course, he has been in the Kokoro Cup before! The experience trough many years of fighting, combined with raw power – lighten up with a very strong drive – makes it tough for anyone.

Jakub Tęcza – as we mention up and coming young fighter. Does of course have several strong merits from the “U-categories” but manage to reach the podium in 2018 EC – after two wins, and a very good fight against Valeri Dimitrov. Did further impress many in European Championship 2019 when he advanced winning two fights – before loosing to top fighter Kęstutis Radvila. Tęcza got some really good technical compositions, good variations and for sure a fighter on the way up. -but will he be able to keep up with the “French Powerhouse” ?

Marek Odzeniak 🇵🇱 vs Thierry Nebleza 🇫🇷

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This fight – we believe could be one of, if not the the closest match of the day. Both very well all rounded skilled, both with many years of experience, and both with their specialties.

Marek Odzeniak – a real veteran in the fighting game. Been in many – or “all” kinds of championships and tournaments. Been representing Poland in the European championship and the World Championships also. Seems only stronger the longer fight goes, strong drive and will always finish hard. Will the strong pushing forward pressure back his opponent up?

Thierry Nebleza – fighting out of France, and have the parallel record to his polish opponent Odzeniak. Nebleza got a good explosive style,nice combinations and do also got the long time experience from different tournaments. Could he manage to slip in better hits than his opponent? And with that manage to slow the strong drive of Odzeniak. We could get a little “battle of the styles” and often that boils down ti stamina and will to win.

Polish national fights

Anna Bielska 🇵🇱 vs Agata Kozubowska 🇵🇱
Daniel Sternik 🇵🇱 vs Maciej Zinówko 🇵🇱
Igor Lamot 🇵🇱 vs Marcel Niemczyk 🇵🇱
Sandra Nowak 🇵🇱 vs Adrianna Mrówka 🇵🇱
Róża Stańko 🇵🇱 vs Oliwia Kurzątkowska 🇵🇱
Kuba Pałaszewski 🇵🇱 vs Piotr Korłub 🇵🇱
Piotr Weglinski 🇵🇱 vs Jakub Flis 🇵🇱

In this set up, we have several European podium fighters, and also European Champions! We could wish for more Poland vs international fights, but fore sure the level are taken good care of! Far as we can see, there will be some fight with “up and coming vs establish” factor, and and of course all want to prove their skills!

We can only wait as the excitements raises!