Shin EC 2020 – with multiple organizations?

With abut two month to the European Championship Shinkyokushin 2020, Georgia, Tbilisi,and with the participants beginning to enter – we can registrar something interesting. Fighters from other organisations than the WKO/EKO are signing up – trough their country and their qualifying tournaments.

Last weekend one of the stronger nations in Europe, Poland had their qualifying tournament. This time the tournament was not only open to all organizations – but they could also make it into the European Championship in Georgia – if they manage to reach the top. – and so some did!

As far as we know, three fighters from World Kyokushin Budokai WKB are in the selection from the Polish team, and will represent Poland in the European Championship. Agnieszka Winek, Karol Burzyk and Marcin Sieradzki. For the most of us it would be Agnieszka Winek that we recognize first, highly merited as she is. Recently on the podium in Belgium, under the 1st EFKO EC.

Official EC website

This is of course of big interest – and also quite surprising as well. Whether this is a big issue can probably be debated. But if this European Championship is open to all organizations, then it is a idea to communicate this out so that there is no doubt about the guidelines.We can not avoid by drawing a parallel to EFKO – because it is so that Shinkyokushin EC becomes open to all org – what is the point of EFKO? The result is that you get two identical ECs. Well not exactly an unknown phenomenon in today’s full contact karate world.

However, let there be no doubt – we welcome Agnieszka Winek & Co!