Lineup Branko Bošnjak Memorial!

Only a few days left to the 24th edition of the Branko Bošnjak Memorial, and we will take a look into this years fighters. And as always Branko Bošnjak Memorial attract many strong fighters ready to test their skills against each other – and to participate in one of the purest Full Contact Karate Kyokushin tournaments out there. And where else can one witness a lottery draw – regardless of merits and names!

This years line up contains many of the absolute top nations in Europe – plus Russia on top of that. And as we have seen earlier the tournament attract also new nations in – this year as well. It is as strong line up – and we do also have World Championship’s contenders ready. Elleven countries in this years line up: Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, France, Poland, Russia, Spain, Austria, Sweden, Norway and of course Croatia.

In the men -75 kg division we have some real good athletes, and the category gives us a ten fighters field – divided out from six nations. Hungary are heavily in with four fighters, Romania with two, France, Austria, Bulgaria and Croatia with one each. Reign European Champion U-21 Anthony Ochian / Romania and third place EC holder Farkas Mór Fekete / Hungary – attract our attention at once, but several others has also been representing their country in the European Championship.

In the lightest category for women -50 kg, we got three fighters that will battle each others to be the winner. Russia and Hungary with two fighters. Alieva Dzhunai / Russia, being a Russian national team member, representing Russia in the 5th World Championshiip in weight categories among others, been on the podium in the European Open Szolnok Cup. Panni Balazs / Hungary, reign U-21 Champions from EC in Prague in June. The last fighter in the category are non other that the reign champion from last year: Nóra Bíborka Nagy / Hungary. A tight hard category.

Men -85 kg Category, also ten fighters in this category. In this category the host nation Croatia are very good represented, and that with four fighters. Hungary comes in with 3, Romania, Austria and Poland with one each. George Suciu / Romania – coming fresh off a victory in the open weight category in Romanian Internationale Cup last Saturday – and of course besides that he is one of the strongest profiles in the category from before -being ready for the World Championship. Dejan Obranić / Croatia and Mladen Sinkic / Croatia – both veterans and they have been fighting i many years – well known in The Branko Memorial as well as other tournaments. Fabek David also have several podium places, as in Swedish Open, Open Szolnok Cup and more.

Women -55 Kg category. Five fighters from five nations. Spain, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Croatia. Starting with the home-fighter Nika Jakobović, as we remember her entering the 22nd edition of the tournament – being 17 year, ended 2nd but was awarded the special price by Shihan Furko Kalman / Hungary. Also EC podium fighter. Cuc Delia / Romania – been representing Romania in the EC, likewise with Hungarian fighter Dezső Kata – merited from several organisations and tournaments. Uxue Lopez de alda / Spain – a well known name in Branko memorial.

Men +85 kg. 7 fighters in this category, Hungary in with four of them – and maybe also the biggest profiles. András Dávid and Máté Dávid from Hungary – both been on the EC podium. Máté did also make it to the final last year, and become the runner up. Peter Eichinger / Austria – been in the game for some time.Sweden and Poland also in this category, both of them less merited than the above – but got the routine from many tournament.

Women -60 kg have four fighters, Romania, Spain, Austria and Poland. Fighters at the level representing their nation in the European Championship. Maitane Fernandez / represented Spain in the European Championship this spring, likewise with Vaida Ioana / Romania. Good youth results and experience – on their way into senior tournaments with good all round skills.

Women +60 Kg are packed with top fighters. In the category half of the nine fighter has been on the European Championship podium in 2019. European Open weight champion Lily Mezo / Hungary, also European champion in Prague (youth) Natalia Korzec / Poland. Third place holders from EC this spring Camille Haddouche / France and Csenge Tóth / Hungary. Both strongly merited from other tournament as well. Russia with their top fighter in the category – also ready for the World Championship: Ismailova Antonina / Russia. Kristina Kojundzic strong homefighter, Marleen Gregusson / Norway – a nation that enters the tournament for the first time.This category will be hard to predict!