Norwegian Summer-camp 2019

4-7th of July the Norwegian Kyokushin Organization (Shinkyokushin Norway) organized their annual summer-camp. The camp are being held every other year in Eastern Norway and in the west. This time it was on the west coast of Moi, close to Egersund town. NKO has been blessed with WKO’s top instructors for many years, and this time instructors from Poland was on the poster, and this was the first time instructors from Poland was attending at the Norwegian camp.The camp gathered about 100 participants from all over the country, and it was once again there was great excitement attached to the guests instructors. last year the camp had the pleasure to be guided by the very eminent and known Romanian instructors Anca Shihan, Harris Sensei and Marius Ilas Sensei. This time Agata Winiarska Sensei and Mateusz Golomb Sempai. Both reign European champions in their discipline Golomb in the team Kata category and Winiarska in the Kumite category.To be a good athlete do not necessary means that you will succeed as an instructor. There are many factors that come in to play – one of them is to get the real contact to the person or the group you teach. Another is this to tell a message through to an individual or group. There must be good chemistry between the instructor and the student. This is noticeable right away, and one can safely say that all this was in very well at this year’s camp! Both instructors made a natural relaxed atmosphere so the students had optimal platform for learning. Always with a smile, good explaining around the chosen topic or detail.

Learning from a person that is up to date and at his/her top of the peak will always be of great interest. If they are willing to shear they secrets ways of training Agata Winiarska had her lessons relate to the fight theme, and trough the camp the participants was lucky to get a insight in her training,that involved examples of tactics, techniques ways to move and how to fight different kind of fight types.Trough the training one did always get information how it is on the top level, what to expect, and in what direction you must go to go with your training to improve. All this was of great value, and on top of that the lessons was right for the big crowd not only top athletes aiming for top competitions.

In Mateusz Golomb’s lessons the theme was Kata. The lessons was as in fighting adapted to the group (the camp did divide the groups related to experience, so one could raise the level when it was when it was possible and needed.) Not only did the instruction offer good Kata hints and tips, but there was also clarified what was in or out in the top level of Kata competition. One did also get examples how different top Kata competitors did their details. This was information that was very interesting for all – because this one can not get if you do not have someone that actually belong at the top level. Norway do not have a strong Kata competition culture – so this was highly appreciated. Also in Golombs sessions one did get examples how to train top Kata level, and as the Kumite part, the lessons was for everyone regardless of their goal.

The time flew away, another proof of that the feeling was right – and to conclude short in the end: good chemistry and contact gives the best result – and not to forget a solid dose (good / bad) humor! 😀 Organizers and instructors: