Polish national team camp 2019

This weekend 8th – 10th march 2019, the Polish national team met for training. All ages (not children) and categories gathered close to hundred contenders. Both teams, Kumite as well as Kata is represented. Poland, being a nation that have many fighters and Kata competitors on the EC podium at the regular basis, will be for sure a nation to look out for in the EC coming up.

Last year, 2018, the Polish team became the best nation among the seniors with 3 gold, 3 silver and 4 bronze medals. And on top of that the best fighter male category became Maciej Mazur and the best spirit award to Monika Zielińska.

Pictures brought to you from Polska Federacja Karate Shinkyokushinkai

Also attending, Hungarian Gyula Dávid Gulyás and top fighters for U-21 category, Lili Mező – being the U-21 European Champion in 2018. The Yakuza Team from Hungary have been known for success before – Zsófia Szabó / (now Agócs Zsófia) to mention. In the lead of Tibor Agócs, coach. Related:  HUNGARIAN CHAMPIONSHIP RESULTS