Swedish Open 2018 – Last call!

Closing in to the last part of the registration, Swedish Open shapes nicely up. Several countries with merited fighters are all ready in the line up, and usually some late registration will happen in towards the deadline. No doubt that this will be a tournament where fighters will meet their challenges..

Naturally it is Sweden that brings in the most fighters, and the most merited ones are in the top Europe level. There are as we mention several countries in the lineup, and a quick overview is on it`s place. Fighters from Sweden will challenge all visitors up to the highest level, as they always have done in the Swedish Open history.

The northern countries are good represented with Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Further down in Europe we have Lithuania, Hungary, Croatia, France, Switzerland, Spain. And from outside Europe Russia and USA are registered with fighters.

Looking through the line up, we can see several young fighters with strong merits. Magdalena Gustaitytė , Lithuania and Rasmus Bergström, Sweden are reign European Champions U-22. U-22 European Champions from 2016 Brigita Gustaitytė, Lithuania and Milad Ziyafatalla Samizade, Sweden – and they are also on the European Championship senior podium this spring.

And when we now bring it over to the European podium for seniors 2018, we have Sara Hägge, Sweden (EC Champ 2017) Milad Ziyafatalla Samizade, Sweden and Brigita Gustaitytė, Lithuania. Expanding to 2017 – Aiala Garcia, Spain also made it to the podium.

This is only a quick overview, and besides merited fighters, more than one have been challenging their self going up a division fro what they usually fights in.

We are waiting for the last call..!

Link to registration