Kumiko Sunakawa seminar in Poland 2018

This weekend 5-6 January, a top seminar was held i Poland. The guest instructor was Kumiko Sunakawa Shihan 5th Dan from  Japan. The seminar was organized by Sensei Tomasz Basiak, (UKS SPARTA) well known for organizing great events.

Photo from Masalski Fotografia – visit for more great pictures!

Kumiko Sunakawa Shihan from Ochannomizu Dojo, Tokyo, is well known for her eminent skills In Kata as well as in Kumite. As an instructor she has a unique style of teaching – technical top level in all-round bases mixed with a really good feeling and happiness! She is a specialist in creating good conditions for optimal learning. very good to show and explain, so all participants understand the subject matter.

⇐Kumiko as we are used to see her.

Poland has a steady stream of Japanese top instructors holding seminars in Poland. There is no doubt that this helps to lift the nation all over. It is also a clear signal that Poland will learn from the best – to be the best!
Then there is no doubt that this weekend’s choice was very good!


Tomasz Basiak, organizer of the camp.

The seminar will as said be organized by Shihan Tomasz Basiak,  (UKS SPARTA) well known for organizing great events. there is no doubt that the TBST really work hard to raise their all ready good level even further.

Organizing events with some of the best instructors in the world will inspire and develop. Visit shinkyokushin.pl

As we can see from the pictures, the crowd would not miss anything of this! ⇓