22nd BRANKO BOŠNJAK MEMORIAL – Winners from multiply nations crowned

Saturday 14th October the 22nd BRANKO BOŠNJAK MEMORIAL was held, and as always did the tournament live to its expectations. After at day with many great fights, the results was ready and it is fair to say that it was a results spread out over many nations. Hungary made a very strong impression, being the nation with most wins. A another nation did also made a strong impression – France. Winning two categories and also taking best fighting spirit award women by Camille Haddouche.

Once again – BRANKO BOŠNJAK MEMORIAL was a success. First of all is the impression related to the results, that we can see the new generation of fighters coming up and are among top three more and more.

The results are well known, we will try to collect some pictures, videos and more with in this article. 

BRANKO BOŠNJAK MEMORIAL keeps important values in the tournament. It is easy to see that right things are being focusing on. The tournament keeps the hype low and the quality high. And it is so, when you have a strong product, you do not have to convince someone to “buy” it – they will come!

Last year Sweden and France was topping the lightweight category, and this was also the case this year. And not only that, but the it was the same fighters who was involved as well! Well that It’s not quite right, Ziyafatalla (Milad) Samizade – Sweden, last year winner reached the final this year – but he was injured in a previous fight and could not fight the final. Anthony Sénéchal – France, was the other finalist. Both holding steady course and shows good progression.

In the middleweight category: Fekete Mor Farkas, Hungary 1st place, and keep om collecting trophies as he did earlier in the Európa Open Szolnok Cup, Hungary 2017, where he ended third. Sweden on the second place with an very interesting fighter Ali Hayder, and with Belium and France on third. This was a category that whit out a doubt gives us an tough and insight of things to come..

Movies by Mikael Andersson Sensei

Light heavyweight was a really tough division. And also here did the same two names from last year enter the top. And once again the was the places were switched. Last year winner Rasmus Bergström – Sweden made it to the final, a strong achievement that alone, but opposite from last year did so did Tamás Popovics – Hungary manage to win. And something tells us that this would not be the last time these two competent fighters will fight each other. Third place with Miroslav Milev, Bulgaria and Bálint Ujvári, Hungary – both good fighters. Sweden had a really strong team, represented in many categories. Picture: Swedish Karate Kyokushinkai

Heavyweight became a red and white podium, with Danish fighters on the 1st and 2nd place. 1st place to technical fighter Faddy Allan, ahead of strong team mate Kristoffer Breindal, following great tradition from Denmark who always has produced good fighters.

Also in the women`s divisions there was many interesting match ups, and even so that some of the categories was slimmed down to three and four fighters, none medals was given for free! With the organizer way to sole this, pool system, every one fights every one, you will fight for each place on the podium. We want to point this out, because at the same day we could see other places in Europe where EC medals was guarantied. The situation was identical, four fighters. Instead of give the fighters what they want – fight time, EC medals was given after losing the first fight.  We must take care of the fighters and give them maximum. WT, WC, EC or other medals given away easy will lower the respect the fighters deserve, and the medals will not have the value.

As said the BRANKO BOŠNJAK MEMORIAL keeps important values in the tournament aspect.

In the women -50 kg category, did last year runner up Eider Cardeñosa – Spain, pull through and became the winner of this category, ahead of home fighter Nika Jakobović – Croatia. Third place to Tsveta Ignatova – Bulgaria. It would be fair to say that this was a little favorite victory.

Spanish Team: Federación Kyokushinkai España Shinkyokushinkai

In the next category, -55 kg, the favorite victory was a fact after what one could see – based on the merits of the fighters. Veronika Nemeth  – Hungary, can now add one more top spot at her collection. But the exciting thing with this, is that this will of course not be “right” all the time, as we tough it could be Spanish 2nd place. But instead a great effort by Anna Bielska – Poland, followed by Uxue Lopez De Alda Beitia – Spain, Evelin Bernáth – Hungary.

In the -60 kg category, three very strong fighters faced each other. Hungary are known for strong fighters, and not least their female fighters. That would be the answer in this category with Hungary on 1st with Anett Leiter and 2nd place to Eszter Kovács. Sweden in on third with Cecilia Wallin, also a nation known for good fighters.

Picture from Shinkyokushinkai – Bulgaria


The -65 kg category did lift the level up a little more, and not only by the number of fighters. In this category Bulgaria, Lithuania, Sweden, Croatia and Hungary was represented… And that is the top nations of Europe involved. Bulgaria with Ivanka Deleva went all the way to the top. first win against home fighter Tena Vrh, so second win against a very competent Aistė Tatarūnaitė, Lithuania before a even harder challenge against Magdalena Gustaityte, Lithuania.

This was a good win in total, in a good category. Magdalena Gustaityte on her side had her first win against Petya Dobreva, Bulgaria before the second win was done against an always well spirited Sanne Larsson Sweden.

In the heaviest category the strongest merited fighters was lined up. Many of the fighters have been EC contenders and also have EC and Open tournaments victories on their records.

Picture from Olivier Vity

Camille Haddouche, France, did make it all the way to the top. Haddouche haven`t manage to break through the top level in the Shinkyokushin EC, but capture the KWF EC tittle last year. Four fights was the challenge to win this category, and that was what she did. First win against Moa Jensen, Sweden. Haddouche sharp from the start, Jensen growing strong into the fight – extension was a must before Haddouche was announced as the winner. And she did also collect special award – and that`s a really “high score” to catch!

Kristina Kojundžić, Croatia was the next one for Haddouche to win against, before a real hard nut to crack in the defending champion Brigita Gustaityte ,Lithuania. Also this time did Haddouche make it through and the final was a fact. Aiala García, Spain came up from the other side of the draw, and 1st win against Maria Georgali, Greece, second fight vs a very skilled Christine Buchholtz, Denmark before the final against Haddouche was up.

23rd BRANKO BOŠNJAK MEMORIAL – just give us the time, we all know the place!