22. Memorijal Branka Bošnjaka – Line Up!

In one week the will the legendary 22. Memorijal Branka Bošnjaka take place in Croatia. A very strong international line up with fighters from 12 countries. A good mix  of fighters from the European region, and many up and coming young fighters that will strengthen their record.

Nations represented in this years tournament: Denmark, Sweden,Belgium, Spain, Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland, Lithuania, France, Greece, Austria, Afghanistan and Croatia as the host.

Each time we speak of this tournament, we do have to mention the great hospitality from the organizer. It`s not strange that the tournament has been more and more popular – great on the tatemi and great on the outside of the tatemi.

We will take a quick look at this years categories, and starts with the women categories. This time the lighter categories has turned out to become a little poor regarding to the number of fighters, but from earlier experience we know that the organizer will give use the Pool System in that cases. This helps a lot, and once again that is maximum what a organizer can do -without putting fighters into other categories of course. It is also notably that the Lithuanian team “only” have fighters in the women category a also was the case in last years tournament.

Women -50 kg

In the -50 kg category we have  Tsveta Ignatova – Bulgaria, Eider Cardeñosa – Spain and Nika Jakobović – Croatia. Eider Cardeñosa did a good tournament for two years ago, second place in 2015, and did also get the spirit award. Followed this up with the same place on the podium last year. Both time the category was won by EC Champions, Szabó Zsófi (2015) and Diana Maciute (2016). The two other, Tsveta Ignatova and Nika Jakobović, would seems a little less profiled and known, but we can not underestimate their level coming from strong nations. We recall that they both has been on the podium in other events, junior categories for example, as this spring where Nika Jakobović took 3rd place in EC for juniors.

Women -55 kg

In the -55 kg category four fighters are ready: Uxue Lopez De Alda Beitia – Spain, Evelin Bernáth – Hungary, Anna Bielska – Poland and Veronika Nemeth  – Hungary. Nemeth and Uxue Lopez as the two fighters we are used to hear about. And we would favorite Hungarian fighter Veronika Nemeth, as she is the European vice Champion in the category and 3rd place in 2016 following the EC U22 title from 2015. Szolnok European Cup Champion from 2016 on the top of that with more..

Women -60 kg

-60 kg category, also three fighters: Anett Leiter – Hungary, Cecilia Wallin – Sweden and Eszter Kovács – Hungary. This category would be a little tighter. All fighter are well known, and the pool system could also be a factor, thinking of who will meet who in the first fight – and how much will this take? We think Swedish Wallin have a little more than the two others, being on the EC podium in 2014 and in 2015 and taking many Open tournaments victories like French, Danish, Swedish Open and more. But both Kovács (runner up last year) and Leiter,(3rd last year) are more than capable to turn the tables.

Women +60 kg

So in the heaviest category, and this time this category has really been shaping up nice. Eighteen fighters from from ten nations will be tested hard before we will see the champion! Lithuania brings in four fighters and Sweden in whit three, rest are portion out well for the rest of the countries.

  • Ivanka Deleva BULGARIA
  • Petya Dobreva BULGARIA
  • Dina Kljajic SWEDEN
  • Moa Jensen SWEDEN
  • Sanne Larsson SWEDEN
  • Kristina Kojundžić CROATIA
  • Tena Vrh CROATIA
  • Rima Lisinskaite LITHUANIA
  • Christine Buchholtz DENMARK
  • Gyongy Seregely HUNGARY
  • Adrienn Farkas HUNGARY

Brigita Gustaityte ,Lithuania, is the defending champions from last year. And this year she has also have company from her sister, Magdalena Gustaitytė who also was champion last year – in the category below.

Both Gustaitytė`s will be naturally to find around the podium this year. Further there is several merited fighters, that will make this interesting. The number of fighters and level do reminds us about EC, and different EC merits follows with. KWF EC Champion from 2016, Camille Haddouche, France. Christine Buchholtz , Denmark, U22 EC Champion, the same with Gyongy Seregely, Hungary, Ivanka Deleva, Bulgaria, runner up U22 EC 2016. And this is only scratching in the surface. In this category home fighter Kristina Kojundžić will fight. The vice champion from last year, and a solid fighter with lot of experience.

Men lightweight – 65 kg

Daniel Sternik POLAND
Ivelin Venkov BULGARIA
Anthony Senechal FRANCE
Stefan Chervenkov SWEDEN
Ziyafatalla (Milad) Samizade SWEDEN
Ntamotsidis Vladimiros GREECE

Last year 1st & 2nd place Anthony Senechal, France vs Ziyafatalla (Milad) Samizade Sweden, with the last of them as the winner. Milad being one of the strongest fighters coming up, several victories and titles. Both are in the line up, and it could be a rematch from last year in the final. Both very experienced, and spectacular fighting with capacity to finish fights before full time. Fighters as Stefan Chervenkov , Sweeden, Daniel Sternik , Poland, are also very good fighters, have been representing their country several times, national team based fighters from strong nations tells us the level.

Men middleweight -75 kg

Fekete Farkas Mór HUNGARY
Hristo Aleksandrov BULGARIA
Ali Hayder SWEDEN
Reohullah Uzbek Ahmad AFGHANISTAN

Photo Tamás Fekete

The number of fighters grows as we are going into heavier categories. Once again, many really interesting fighters – young, up and coming are making it really exciting. Maybe one of the fighters with best record lately would be the winner of Szolnok European Cup 2016, (lightweight) and 3rd place this year: Fekete Farkas Mór from Hungary. Ali Hayder Sweden would also be a name to follow, further Bulgarian national team member Hristo Aleksandrov.

Men light heavyweight – 85 kg

With 18 fighters in the line up one can for sure say that this will be a great division. Strong and technical fighters from the north, including reign champion Rasmus Bergström, Sweden  Julian D Bjerrekar, Denmark. Hungary with strong fighters, Tamás Popovics, who was the runner up last year, Adam Kovacs  also been on the podium before. Miroslav Milev,Bulgaria has been one of the active and stable fighters and would also be noted. No doubt that the category have a good level, and with the number of fighters attended it would be a challenge to reach the top. Most of the fighters are well experienced, but haven`t been high in the EC tournaments – yet! Pics. – Anikka Peterson

Bálint Ujvári HUNGARY
Danail Kovatchev BULGARIA
Jakub Tecza POLAND
Lukas Prem AUSTRIA
Miroslav Milev BULGARIA
Nico Hansen DENMARK
Victor Ganchev BULGARIA
Rasmus Bergström SWEDEN
Szudi Ferenc HUNGARY
Julian D Bjerrekar DENMARK
Tamás Popovics HUNGARY
Adam Kovacs HUNGARY
Filip Bošković CROATIA
Dávid Szarka HUNGARY

Men heavyweight + 85 kg

In this category we have Hungarian fighter Richàrd Lizàk  He has all ready been on the podium this year, noted with a good 2nd place in the Szolnok European Cup – and not to forget, he is the champion from last year. Bulgaria with three fighters will challenge everyone in the line up, and also a interesting factor would be to Danish fighters Fady Allan and Kristoffer Breindal both with their own style – and not to forget experience.

Anton Dankov BULGARIA
Dimitar Nedev BULGARIA
Fady Allan DENMARK
Georgi Marinov BULGARIA
Kristoffer Breindal DENMARK
Matej Deveđija CROATIA

In tournament looks really good, and compared to earlier years it`s stable. From last year we miss a couple of nations, Romania, Italy and Russia, but then again some new are in this year like Denmark with a strong team. The excitement rises, as we counting down…!

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