Európa Open Szolnok Cup – results

Európa Open Szolnok Cup, Hungary 2017

was held this weekend (Saturday 2nd September) The tournament gathers the strongest fighters from the strongest nations in Europe and Russia, and are highly respected all over. This year: Russia, Romania, Lithuania, Poland,Ukraine, Bulgaria, Georgia and Hungary..!

Once again the Európa Open Szolnok Cup attracted top fighters to test their skills up against each others. Top fighters as Rózsa Gábor (Hungary) Marek Wolny (Poland) Lasha Ozbetelashvili (Georgia) George Suciu (Romania) Anatolii Zhuravel (Ukraine)

 –  just the top of the iceberg! 

The women`s division also had a strong line up with merited fighters as Sandra Nowak (Poland) Brigita Gustaityte (Lithuania) Alina Polishchuk (Russia) Alona Veresniak (Ukraine) Veronika Németh (Hungary) Photo Federatia Română de Karate Kyokushin

As pointed out, this tournament holds a very high level, and notice this: the tournament have almost none promotion or “hype”, no flashy slogans,just info so participants can enter. In these days this is a little unusual, and one might think that it would have a impact of the quality. But the line up are strong and the fighters who participate have really good skills. It is also noticeable that we see fighters on the way up. Many do have top spots in European Championships, or are European Champions in the U22 category.

We believe that many of the prizewinners will be the profiles of the future!

Men Lightweight -65 kg

  1.  Bohdan Lemishko (Ukraine)
  2. Zalán Karczub (Hungary)
  3. Nikolay Sonin (Russia) and Iveli Venkov (Bulgaria)

Hungary with star fighter Gábor Rózsa takes once again the top spot in the -75 kg category, with last years winner of lightweight Fekete Mor Farkas on third. In the heaviest division Lizák Richárd once again reach the final, and once again are being placed at 2nd place. 2nd place also for the fighters in the women division as Lilla Herczeg and Veronika Németh also reaching the finals in their class.

Men Middleweight -75 kg

  1. Gábor Rózsa (Hungary)
  2. George Suciu (Romania)
  3. Fekete Mor Farkas (Hungary) and Lasha Ozbetelashvili (Georgia)

In the middleweight division it could easily be seen the top level, Rózsa European Champion five times, with the up and coming fighters closing in. George Suciu, third place holder from EC 2017, keeps it up and one that will be very interesting to follow. Third place with last years winner of the lightweight Mor Farkas, and U22 EC Champion Ozbetelashvili makes the podium complete. 

Men Light Heavyweight -85 kg

  1. Marek Wolny (Poland)
  2. Miroslav Milev (Bulgaria)
  3. Igor Kotliarevskiy (Ukraine) and Oláh Gergő (Hungary)

Marek Wolny, defend his tittle from last year and continues to build his all ready good record. Bulgarian Miroslav Milev in on second place, and with Ukraine and Hungary on third. Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary and Ukraine on the top spot – all very strong nations, it gives a picture of the high level of the tournament! Photo TKS Karate Tarnowskie Góry

Men Heavyweight +85 kg

  1. Anatolii Zhuravel (Ukraine) Best fighter award
  2. Lizák Richárd (Hungary)
  3. Oleksandr Kryvko (Ukraine) and Gyula Gulyás (Hungary)

Best fighter of the day in the men`s category, Anatolii Zhuravel (Ukraine),U22 EC Champion continues to impress with this win. Not only is he taking the title, but he does it on a very convincing way – stopping 3 of 4 opponents before full time! This was one of several very good results from the Ukrainian team. Winning the lightweight category for men and the same for women,plus two third places.

⇐ Anatolii Zhuravel

Photo from Ivan Shymkiv  (check more!)

Women Lightweight -50 kg

  1. Alona Veresniak (Ukraine)
  2. Alieva Dzhunai (Russia)
  3. Victòria Vass (Hungary)

Women Middleweight -55 kg

  1. Maria Saveleva (Russia)
  2. Veronika Németh (Hungary)
  3. Sandra Nowak (Poland) and Timea Berencsi (Hungary)

Women Light Heavyweight -60 kg

  1. Alina Polishchuk (Russia)
  2. Antonina Ismailova (Russia) Best fighter award
  3. Anett Leiter (Hungary) and Eszter Kovács (Hungary)

Women Heavyweight +60 kg

  1. Brigita Gustaityte (Lithuania)
  2. Lilla Herczeg (Hungary)
  3. Irina Valieva (Russia) and Gyöngyi Seregély (Hungary)

⇐ Brigita Gustaityte had a good 2016 year with many tournaments, and one of the was Európa Open Szolnok Cup. Last year it was her sister,Magdalena that took the title and this year Brigita won the title against Lilla Herczeg. 

photo from Magdalena Gustaitytė