Camp Banzai 2017!

The 3rd edition of Camp Banzai, Goteborg, Sweden was held the weekend 11-13 August 2017. The camp attracted participant from Norway, Denmark and of course Sweden. The warm hospitality of Banzai Kyokushin Karate are some of the vital essence in this event, but top international instructors also raises the interest of the camp.

This years main attraction was non other than Yuki Maeda, Japan. Winner of the 26th, 27th and 28th All Japan Weight Categories, and winner of the JFKO 1st,2nd and 3rd All Japan Weight Tournament. Member of Japan National team.

Yuki Maeda, Japan, is well known for the most of us, and many have been very impressed seeing him fight at the international arena. But the scope in this matter was for the most of the participants that few knew how he would be as an instructor.

After a little talk with the organizers, we was told that the original plan was to team Yuki Maeda with his brother Shota Maeda. During their busy schedule the original date was changed, and two instructor become one – this could be factors that had made the camp less attractive. Although the date made some miss it during their holiday, but in total the camp gathered a solid group of karatekas.

Annika Peterson Sensei (recently passed the 4th Dan test in Kazakhstan)  , in the lead of the team from Banzai kyokushin karate organizer of the Camp Banzai and besides that tournaments and other seminars.

The Camp Banzai are not older than three years (3rd edition now), and the team behind it are in an constant working process to shape the camp in a way that will be optimal. One of the clear line through the camp must be said to be the naturally  “happy camper” It is a really great atmosphere and team-building are a natural part of the camp – reflecting the organizer Dojo, Banzai kyokushin karate. The first Camp Banzai was with Sweden`s elite fighters: Cecilia Wallin and Jimmie Collin. The second was lead by some of the most wanted instructors from Europe, Romanian elite Marius Ilas, Anca Wallen and Harris Wallmen. This year Maeda – and this brings excitement to whom that will be the instructors for Camp Banzai 2018.

Yuki Maeda showed through the camp his specialties, and favorites that he uses in fight. Sorting out the details in his way of deliver his signature techniques, made huge interest for all participants. Besides the technique focus, Yuki Maeda also showed drills to use as tools to put the chosen techniques in to practice. This often resulted in sparring, who everybody cherished. The speed of Yuki Maeda impressed everyone, and many experienced this in the sparring session as Yuki Maeda gladly joined the sparring sessions. The camp do also have a very nice attitude when it comes to sparring`s culture, where everyone helps each other and raises the overall level.

Besides the great training sessions by Yuki Maeda, The camp also has their annual morning running and the team competition “The Hill” feared and loved – and of course winning “The Hill” gives a certain status! After the hill, Saturday evening, the camp offers a great barbecue with good food and not least very good company!

Every year, a winner of the camp’s heaviest award is awarded: Camp Banzai’s Fighting Spirit Prize. The special with this award is that is is the guest instructors who will chose the winner. This years winner, non other than one of the instructors from the 1st camp: Cecilia Wallin, Sweden.

Camp Banzai is a camp for fighters, and it attracts national team members from the three countries. The camp also appeals to the broader width – and let there be no doubt, at Camp Banzai there is room for everyone!