Kyokushin Open Norway 2018

Kyokushin Open Norway 2018 will be held in Bergen, Norway 14th April!

Organized by the oldest Kyokushin Dojo in Norway, Bergen The Kyokushin Open have a great history of international fighting. Two years back Poland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway attended the tournament, several organisations, styles and independent full contact practitioners joined. Last year new nations entered the tournament, as Hungary and Italy joined!

And ladies – sharpen your shins, as before in this tournament there will be no shin-protection in the women`s category.

Norwegian fighters has the last years entered tournaments as Diamond cup /Belgium, Scottish Open,Swiss Open, British Open, Swedish Open, Danish Open to name some of them. If we are lucky, more nations will visit Norway in 2018 and bring us up on a higher level – the tournament as well as nation. As said, the effort by Poland, Denmark and especially Sweden the last years, the interest of international fighting are growing. We hope that once again you will visit us, and from the last edition when Hungary and Italy joined, this really looks good!


(contact if you can`t wait 🙂