Profiles of Poland with farewell performance!

Today (Saturday 10th December 19.00) at the 9th Kokoro Cup, two of the big Kyokushin profiles in Poland will held a farewell performance! The Kokoro Cup is loaded with action – and this will be a very good setting to honer these two athletes for the last time.

Mateusz Garbacz and Karol Cieślukkokoro_faewell

karol32⇐Karol Cieśluk, merited Polish fighter for many years. National team member, and has been on the European Championship podium several times. Fights usually in the heavyweight category. been represented Poland in The World Championship among others.

Mateusz Garbacz⇒, well merited lightweight fighter. Also he has been on the European Championship podium several times. Was the vice champion in EC 2012, and has been representing Poland in many occasions

We will bring you one fight of them each – both fights from 2011 when the Polish national team challenge the Lithuanian national team (full results and more here) Both fight at very high skills fighters, that gives us the idea of how high the level is. To see highlight and more information visit Kokoro Cup!

Mateusz Garbacz (aka) vs Andrius Miseckas

Karol Cieśluk (Aka) vs Mindaugas Pavilionis