WKO Russia in Shinkyokushin EC?

top-logo-lg-kopi-3For a little while ago we could read that Russia was signed at the European Championships in open weight. This raised some unanswered questions, since Russia has not been included in the European region. What drew even more attention was that four of the six participants did not belong WKO. Now this change, once again ..


anna_shinAccording to the official EC website Russia are ready for the European Tournament in Sofia. But from what was the case last time, the number of athletes has been reduced from six and down to two. The two athletes remaining are the two from WKO – unlike what was the case earlier where we saw athletes from outside organizations.

dku50There is necessarily no big case if they attend in this EC.But what we wonder whether this is something that is going to continue – and to what extent? Now there are only two Russian WKO athletes who remain, but this means that there will be a Russian team at the next EC in Denmark in 2017 as well? And if Russia – why not Kazakhstan? (and then China? and so Japan?) Should this be the case, then it will obviously affect the end result – which in turn will affect the on qualification for the World Championship / weight classes.

If Russia, why not Kazakhstan?


What is the purpose to have an European Championship? -To crown the best European fighter.

All have seen that some organizations works with “everything”  open. This type of setting has its own “for and against” arguments. Some will naturally be balanced by situational specific, other will be for what one wants. Some organizations do not have any lines for their championship, everything is “open” and of course people ask why have European Championship, World Championship or World Cup – when it is all the same? Of course we know that some organizations struggles with low number of fighters, and must have all open – if not their European championship will be at the breaking point.

In the end of the day, we all are very excited to see how it will be, one way or the other. We welcome all, but we need to know. It is important to know for sure how things are going to be. Then we can prepare better, and we can give a correct answer to inform those who still wonder.

But the European Open Weight Championship in Bulgaria 2016 – will be one of the strongest and best we have see…coming back to that..!