Memorijal Branka Bošnjaka – Fighters 2016

imbras_brako15Fighters are ready to the 21th Memorijal Branka Bošnjaka 2016, and we can for sure say that once again this will be a memorable tournament. In the line up there is several Champions and trophy winners from tournaments held recently, and of course fighters with solid record from years of fighting. For many of the fighters, this is last stop before the Open Weight /U22 EC.

men85In the heaviest category, +85 kg for men the winner of European Open Szolnok Cup 2016, Margarint Dorin – Romania,and the runner up Richard Lizak – Hungary, are ready. The got company by Sweden`s powerhouse, Simon Pålsson – 3rd place in Swedish Open 2016. further local fighters and more also in the division.

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In the heavyweight, -85 kg, with 19 fighters, and the largest dmen-85ivision – and this will be a really hard division to win. Bulgaria will press the action, with eight fighters ready to go, included members of the Bulgaria National Team as Miroslav Milev. Russia is also represented – and as we are used to see in this tournament: Hungary, Croatia, France, Poland and Sweden with fresh winner of Swedish Open, Rasmus Bergström, also Italy and Greece are represented.

men-75Middleweight – 75 kg, It is really top level in this category, with multi European Champion Gábor Rózsa, Hungary. But he is not alone, George Suciu , Romania, reign champion, and has been on the EC podium as well. Margithazi Zsolt aslo Romania, climbing up tho third place at the European Open Szolnok Cup 2016. Italy in this category also, and Croatia with three fighters in this division.

men-65Lightweight – 65 kg. This is a really action packed category, with some very interesting lightweight fighters. Fighters from Bulgaria, France, Sweden, Hungary and Spain. KWU World Champion 2015 runner up Georgi Lotarov, Bulgaria, also runner up in this years EC, will be a force to reckon with. A another interesting fighter – Ziyafatalla (Milad) Samizade. Recently added his 2nd Swedish Open victory – and that to an all ready strong record. Firdavs abdulloev, Hungary, one of the best Hungarian fighters, Anthony Senechal, French top fighter with a record from this tournament among others.

Women Divisions.

women-55Women middleweight -55 kg. Only four fighters in this category, but some really decent one that`s for sure. European Champion Diana Maciute, Lithuania, need no further introduction. Andra Bozdog, Romania, Adrianna Mrówka, Poland  (winner of 14th Challenger in September,Poland) and from Spain,Eider Cardenosa – as we remember manage to reach the 3rd place in this year European Tournament. 

women-60Women heavyweight -60 kg. Lithuania, Hungary, France, Sweden and Spain – Just mentions these nations we know that it will be hard fights from the start. Magdalena Gustaitytė, up and coming Lithuanian fighter, been extremely active lately: runner up i British Open IFK October, Swedish Open and winner of European Open Szolnok Cup 2016, and U22 EC Champion. Hungary with three very strong fighters, Seregély Gyöngyi -winner of last years U20 category, reign U22 EC Champion. Eszter Kovács, top three Hungarian fighter – runner up last year in the U20. Anett Leiter – Hungarian national team member, several good results through the last year. Sanne Larsson, Sweden, well merited from Opens and U22 EC.

women60Women Super Heavyweight +60 kg. Ten fighters from Croatia, Spain. Poland, Lithuania, Sweden, Hungary and Greece. This category have a real good mix of fighters. Three fighters from Lithuania, with Brigita Gustaityte runner up KWU World Championship 2016, double EC U22 champion and recently winner of Swedish Open. Kristina Kojundžić, strong homefighter, runner up last year. Aiala García, Spain 3rd place last year.