21. Memorijal Branka Bošnjaka – last Call!

branko_2016poster-kopi21. Memorijal Branka Bošnjaka 2016. October 22. once again this legendary tournament will be held. And as we can see with no more then twelve nations in the the line up this will be another great event. But this is not all..Twelve nations in the line up it`s one thing, looking at which nations we can see fighters from the best nations in Europe – and more!

Through the years this tournament has been one of the places that tomorrow’s fighters top fighters has “grown up” And with out doubt, this will continue to happen..

Most are in the midst of a hectic time of year where there are several strong tournaments to be followed up. But judging by the support in tournaments around in Europe, it is safe to say that the activity is at a very high level. LAST DAY FOR ENTERING 15TH OCT!

In 21. Memorijal Branka Bošnjaka, twelve nations are listed. Nations with some of the – if not the best fighters i Europe. Of course many do also waits for the European Openweight / U22, but as always this will be top level:

  • Russiaimbras_brako15
  • Spain
  • Bulgaria
  • Greece
  • Italy
  • Sweden
  • France
  • Poland
  • Hungary
  • Lithuania
  • Romania
  • Croatia

Dorin Margarint ROM vs Donatas Imbras LTH (15th edition)

branko_reMemorijal Branka Bošnjaka, with its history, pureness of hard fighting combined with a hospitality that is even known to people that never have been there ( ! ) – makes this a highly regarded tournament, where it is more than the time that you or your fighters spend on the tatemi. Some one maybe do not see this as a factor to focus on, but this is what is`s all about. Taking care of other people,no one can be the champion if there is no one to fight against. Remeber to visit the official facebook site LINK


In 2006 this was what it looked like: (due some old hairstyles maybe we can recognize some of the best fighters we know to day 😉  )

Videos from KK Mladost Samobor Youtube channel – and there are more videos to see…

History:Memorial tournament was founded in memory on Branko Bošnjak, Croatian solder and member of Mladost Samobor for many years, who lost his life in Homeland war as member of Special Unit Police PU Alfa Zagreb. Memorial is held in Samobor sice 1995. In organisation of Karate Club Mladost Samobor in co-organisation with Special unit police Alfa Zagreb veteran association.