Norwegian Summer camp report 2016!

NKO Norwegian Kyokushin Organization – Shinkyokushin Norway organized their annual summer camp this weekend (30/6-3/7-2016)

nko_SC_2016 (5) – KopiSince NKO was established in 2007, the WKO has supported the summer camp (and other activities) in Norway with top international instructors. This has been an incredible boost every time, and this has also lifted the level and understanding of Kyokushin karate in Norway. This year was no exception, and with instructors from Denmark and Japan – well once again all the contenders could not been more lucky!

erik2016To have a great camp several things has to match. A well thought out schedule, who gives the best result for all parts. Taking care of all the contenders and not least the guest instructors.Guest instructor who fits into the settings in and around the camp. Contenders who gives all in at every possible way – physically as well as positive attitude. These things are natural more or less, but to set focus on them will give a maximum result.

This year’s schedule was well put together by Sensei Erik A Helin, head of the development board of NKO , Brand Chief North. A strong focus to keep everyone active was one of the main goals, and that means everybody! 🙂 Sensei Helin has always liked to train much and does not back down from some tough training sessions – this is what the schedule is all about! – but nicely balanced with all factor that should be there.

Shihan Kumiko Sunkawa, Japan.

2016_SC_nko (1)This was her third time in Norway, and judging from the Norwegian side, this will not be the last! Being a top instructor at any discipline, together with an unique skill to teach others make Sunakawa a natural choice as an top instructor. During the camp there was several training sessions led by Sunakawa that only was for girls/women. And it is safe to say that this was a great success. Sunakawa also joined training sessions when it was possibility for that, night training led by Sesei Nils Dybslad was one of them for an example.

“Its a long distance from Norway to Japan, but getting to know Japanese instructors as Kumiko Sunakawa – the distance seems shorter!” 

Shihan Jesper Trier, Denmark

Trier have an old connection to Norway. Being central when Ole Grejs (BC Region East) established Holmestrand Kyokushin club (then Horten 1986) Grejs had trained in Denmark. Jesper Trier posses a great set of all-round skills, and his nearly 40 years of karate experience (started in 1977) is impressive. Trier taught the participants of the camp not only traditional training, many very smart exercises was given to the Karatekas from Norway. This kind of exercises could be used in warm up as well as a part of the main training. these contained technique, Timing, physical activity that is very uplifting in every way. And let it be said, Trier also showed that responsibility an instructor has to stay active and in good shape, and also there was it was impressing – rather inspiring! nko_SC_2016 (1)

Many of the drills and system in the fight sessions by Trier, was from the most successful Dojo`s in Japan. This was high pace mobile fighting, and exactly what Norway need as an input. All very systematic put together.

Norway did also had their first line with instructors, as mentioned Erik A Helin, Nils Dybsland and further Thomas L Nilsen, Bo Vidar Larsen, Ingrid Bjordal.

The camp did also work with training to control stress in regular basis, through a work day for an example. Due this seminar, Trier also informed what the EKO medical committee do, and what goals they have. Trier being the leader of this committee since 2011.

In total this years camp would be remembered as one of the best camp, how every thing was put together. The only thing that was a little out of line, was that the school where the camp are being held, was under constructions work, therefor the date was changed, and as a result many could not come since Holidays then was planned. But this was nothing anyone could do anything about.

See pictures from the camp at Sunakawa Shihan Facebook

The camp are history, but the memories live forever!