8th French Open – results

french_open2015 – Kopi8th French Open was held this weekend, and we will take a look at some quick results. The tournament had a great mix of fighters from different countries and organizations. The favorites did their job as expected, and looking at the top fighters we can see that the level of the tournament are very good. Lithuania and Sweden made once again a big impression. Also a thing to notice was that some of the well known fighters had changed weight class since last time the fought.


Men lightweight -70kg

  1. Ferran Gandia /  Shinkyokushin Spain
  2. Anthony Senechal / Shinkyokushin France
  3. Lachezar Dimitrov / Bulgaria Shinkyokushin & Alan Shawna / GB IFK

Men middleweight -80kg

  1. Rasmus Bergström / Sweden Shinkyokushin
  2. Simon Erikson / Sweden Shinkyokushin
  3. Guillaume Gzs / France Parais 17 & info needed

Lithuania_topMen heavyweight +80kg

  1. Vytautas Cepla / Shinkyokushinkai Lithuania
  2. Edgard Sečinski / Shinkyokushinkai Lithuania
  3. Simon Pålsson / Sweden Shinkyokushin & Jean-Paul Tid Jacquot / France

←From left Vytautas Cepla, Paulius Klapatauskas / National coach Lithuania and Edgard Sečinski.

Picture with a happy touch are borrowed from Sensei Klapatauskas facebook.


Women lightweight

  1. Emma Markwell / GB IFK
  2. Diana Maciute / Shinkyokushinkai Lithuania + Spirit award! 
  3. Marta Lubos / Shinkyokushin Poland / Camille Had / France Shinkyokushin

Marta Lubos also recived best female athletes. (No final was held during a injured fighter.)

Women heavyweight

  1. Gabija Gudeliauskaite / Shinkyokushinkai Lithuania
  2. Diana Balsytè / Shinkyokushin Lithuania
  3. Kirsten Gladius Smith /Denmark-GB IFK & (info needed)

Sweden made once again a strong tournament, And Rasmus Bergström took his 2nd French Open tittle, defending his tittle from last year in the middleweight.