Shinkyokushin elite gathered in Hungary

This weekend a training seminar in Hungary was organized. With Valeri Dimitrov Sensei as instructor, one can be assured that this applies to top level in fighting. ↓Some of the best in Europe, from left: Horpácsik György Sensei, Valeri Dimitrov Sensei. Marius Ilas Sensei and Sensei József Stefanovic, Hungary.osu_2
Hungary for its part is also a nation with many very good fighters, and the seminar organized by Sensei József Stefanovic, tells that also Hungary stands for top level. If this not to impress you, was also Romania  attended and with several of their best fighters, with among others Marius Ilas Sensei…!

Set of European eyes, and taken in European championship context – there are always some countries that are involved in the topsheet, and these countries has good record to refer to. We think quickly at countries as Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary who is known for this top level, and that when these countries meet at the arena – then you all will be present to see it!

masters_in _action

← In the front left, Sensei Ferenc Fris, Hungary (see his page for more, you will find this photo and many more) Marius Ilas Sensei, Romania. Behind, Valeri Dimitrov Sensei Bulgaria.

“To be the best, train with the best” Then you know where you should bee this weekend!




Ilas and Dimitrov Sensei`s with some of the national team member of Romania.