Shinkyokushin Russia in the EC

russisk_flagg-Kopi1In the various organizations there are small differences in relation to sections of regions and continents. For many in Europe there is variation when it comes to Russia, Kazakhstan and others. Some have these countries in the European organization, and some do not. In Shinkyokushin EKO, are Russia and Kazakhstan outside the European region, and does not participate in the European championship. But there will be European Championship anyhow for the Russian Shinkyokushin fighters ..!

kyokushin-KanKyokushin-Kan / Royama organization will have European Championship in Germany 30-31 May 2015. The tournament are known for very strong fighters from Russia Kyokushin-Kan, to name a few names Shamsudin Abdurashidov , Magomed Mitsaev, Andemir Kogotyzhev. The European Championship has been completely dominated by the Russian athletes, and only a few medal has gone to another country in recent years. 

This year Shinkyokushin top fighters will test their skills, and what we can see from the eleven fighters that are ready, is that they are top Russian athletes.

Men: Dennis Ershov, Gennadi Nechaev, Artem Semenov, Lenar Suleymanov, Khasai Magomedov and Semen Moskaleneko.

Women: Anna Vishniakova, Antonia Ismailova, Irina Valieva, Anna Virabyan, Irina Manzhikova and Junai Alieva.

Fore more info about the Kyokushin-kan European Tournament see EUROKAN 2015 for more!

Some of the Russian Shinkyokushin fighters, we wish all the best fighting! ↓