Youth and children’s tournaments 2015

yong_lionsYouth tournaments 2015! Next year’s calendar explodes in activities and programs for Kyokushin practitioners. This post we’ll give you some info about events that has already come to the youngest group practitioners.

←Picture from Ochanomizu Dojo


  • Stora Höga Open, 2015 (Sweden) 18. January
  • Teen Challenge (Norway) 21. Mars
  • Kobierzyce Cup 2015 (Poland) 11. April
  • Kohai Cup (National Norway) 11. April
  • Swiss Open Jr (Switzerland) 2. May
  • Oki Kodomo Open (Sweden) 16. May


We have the pleasure to invite you to Stora Höga Open, 2015, January 18

Stora Höga Open is an international Kyokushin Tournament for children 7/17 yrs old.
Participants from all countries and style organizations are welcome. Participants are divided into pools depending on a comparative (weight * length * age) and experience. They must meet several participants in the pool.

It makes most guaranteed several matches regardless of what happens in the contest.
We hand out many trophies to give such a positive experience as possible for the children.
In order to have a smoothly organized tournament with high quality judging, we ask you to bring at least one judge for every 10 participants.

All necessary information regarding the tournament’s outlines and specific rules can be read in the Stora Höga Open Christmas Cup Tournament Regulations 2015
Applications are due January 4, 2015. Registration and payment is done on the following link:
We are looking forward to seeing you!


teenchallenge2015Teen Challenge, Horten Norway 21. Mars 2015.

The tournament had in 2014 athletes from Sweden, Denmark and Norway, the level was good. There were also adjustments in relation to those who had no or little experience. more info to come ..




.Kobierzyce Cup 2015, 11 April , Poland

vPolandLast years Kobierzyce Cup was held 5.April 2014, and with incredible 399 participants from 28 Dojos, from 6 to 17 years – this is one of the biggest children and youth tournament in Europe. Poland alone has enormous number of athletes, but this tournament is also visited by several other countries. ←Link poster



kohaicup00KOHAI CUP 2015 Bergen, Laksevåkhallen 11. April 2015

Kohai Cup er et flott tilbud for de som er lystne på å prøve Kyokushin fighting før første gang eller så. En rekrutt turnering, med hovedtyngden på barn og ungdom. Men dette er også en arena som gir de godt voksne en mulighet for å prøve, +35 års klasse.

Info kommer på NKF sine sider.




flyer-2015_1Swiss Open Junior 2015, 2nd May

This is one of the most established Junior tournaments we have in northern Europe. A tournament that has a very wide feldt of participant countries, and of course many athletes.

Visit Swiss Open website


OkiOki Kodomo Open 2015

Swedish tournament for youth and children. Held in Sweden, Göteborg 16th May 2015. This is also an established tournament. And in the last years it has been opened to international participation.

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