Keiko Sweden – ten year anniversary!

keikologo-KopiSwedish Kyokushin Karate has always been known with a good reputation. Great profiles in Kyokushin Karate are found in this country, some born and raised there, others come from other countries and settled in Sweden. In modern times Sweden has played a significant role in competition Karate. This small country in the north have managed to challenge the dommnante nations of Europe, and also proved competitive against the best. At the head of this, there has been a gym that has made more prominent than others: Keiko. These days Keiko celebrates 10 years …

Much can be said about Keiko and those who have done this name and the gym well known. But of fear of forgetting someone, we’ll restrict ourselves with an easy overview. Sempai Magnus Hansen, also known as Swedish national coach, is one of the driving forces behind Keiko. His work has not only put Keiko on the map, but it has also been enormously great successes in Kyokushin for Sweden in general. Perhaps the most famous who have fought for Keiko and Sweden Jimmie Collin Sempai and Fredrik Olsson. ,and earlier Daniela Erkelenz and Viki Damnjanovska. But Keiko is more than Karate. Keiko can offer several types of training at top level, and also instructors to follow up on this. Ping Kam is a good example of this, with her experience and good general knowledge.But we are not going to list up names and merits, we know that if you know Kyokushin Karate, you know Keiko and the people behind.

We will take the opportunity to congratulate Keiko Ten-year day, thank you for all the motivation and that you will share the tremendous knowledge you possess. And in the end that you are the people you are, a small matter for you can mean a lot to us others around.


S. Haukedalen, Norway.

..and the party has already started! Picture from :

Federatia Română de Karate Kyokushin (link)