Polish National team – ready for EC in Lucerne

Polish Kyokushin are well known all around the world. Kyokushin is popular in Poland, and the level has always been very good.It was also a significant improvement from 2011 to 2012. In 2011 Poland had a 3rd place as the only medal in the senior Kumite. But in 2012 there was a 2nd and three 3rd place medals..

Poland has a great team with a good mix of young up and coming young athletes, and several well-established fighters. The Polish athletes have been very active and have participated in several prestigious tournaments. EC Open weight, IFK World Cup, to mention a few.How this year’s team will do in the European championship time will tell, but we think that Poland has made good preparedness, and that they are fighting for medals this year too.



Last years European Championship medalists : Matuesz Garbacz 2nd place, Maciej Mazur, Marek Wolny and Lukasz Lemieszko 3rd place. Will they defend their medals this years? SEE COMPLETE LIST OF FIGHTERS Remigiusz Karpiński 5 Dan, sensei Mariusz Mazur 4 Dan, Bogdan Lubos 4 Dan was some of the instructors at the camp.

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