2013 Danish Kumite Seminar

Denmark have a long tradition forming good knock down fighters. From the early days of Kyokushin Karate, they have created several fighters who have fought on the highest level international. Train with Danish fighters on the annual fight camp in April!

Denmark, Copenhagen 20.04.2013 – 21.04.2013


Main instructor this year are Danish top fighter Sempai Brian Jackobsen!

  • 10th World Tournament 5th place and  Tameshiwari award
  • 8th World Tournament Last 16 and  Technical award.
  • British Open Champion 06
  • Welsh Open Champion 05
  • Danish Open Champion 06,07,08,09
  • European Championships  05 – 3rd
  • European Championships  08 – 3rd
  • European Championships  09 – 3rd
  • European Championships  10 – 3rd
  • European Championships  01 – 3rd
  • European Championships  12 – 2nd


The camp is known for its great hospitality and great atmosphere. On normal basis fighters from Denmark, Sweden and Norway are joining the camp, but the camp is getting bigger and more countries are starting to join.

Info (Danish) http://www.kyokushin.dk/2013/kampseminar 

Contact Sensei Mathias Halberg tlf 40780075, mathias.halberg@gmail.com

 Brian Jakobsen – Video gallery