53rd All Japan Open

December the 12th, The 23rd All Japan Open will be held, and the excitements raises also outside Japan, because this will decide who that will represent Japan in the World Championship in Weight-categories in Poland next September 2022. This is the second selection, the first selection was done during The 6th JFKO. We will take a sneak peak at the top fighters that are seeded.

The men’s category have 79 fighters, and the women’s category got 46. The top fighters are profiles of the game, and got strong merits to back it up. There is no doubt that this should be very interesting for more than special interested, because as mention the top fighters will challenge to very best fighters of the world – in less than a year! We are only taking a “light overview” this time, and focus on the top seeded fighters.

In the men’s category top names as Daiki Kato, Kembu Iriki, Yuto Eguchi, Ryuki Ushirosako,Yuto Fukuchi, Kosei Ochiai, Yuta Goto – to name some of the fighters…

In the women’s that also hold a very tough level, and that has been a very interesting mix between many full-contact schools in Japan.