6th All Japan Full Contact Championships

About 6 weeks, the 6th edition of the JFKO All Japan Open will be held, and in so matter a very important edition so to speak. Japan have manage to organize several championship trough the covid-19 pandemic – as the 52nd All Japan Open. This championship will bring us fighters that will face the rest of the World in World Championship in the future – this makes it even more interesting! Champions and strong Full-contact profiles joining the JFKO/WFKO continues to increase.

Comparing to the rest of the world, These championships do not have the lower age limit of 18 years, which others often have when it comes to senior championships. In fact here it is particularly many athletes under 18 years old. Especially when it comes to the lighter weight classes. (of course) But we all have seen fighters like Juri Minamihara and Ryuki Ushirosako, making their way in senior tournaments in the mid teen age.

The level are incredibly high in the JFKO. Attracting top fighters from a huge number of organisations and Dojo’s in Japan, makes us really see what the nation have of capacity. It is also quite difficult (and exciting of course) to keep updated when new fighters/Dojo’s/Organizations comes in. Of course, most of us are looking forward to the 1st World Fullcontact Karate Championship, in September. And in that case, some of the profiles used to being top JFKO fighters are not fighting in this, The 6th edition.

That said, looking at the draw and the video promo, the tournament are still packed with top fighters. Many will find this interesting, and if you are one of them, you can find more info to watch the tournament on this site.

This edition have 288 fighters in the men’s category, and 103 fighters in the women’s category. Quite impressing in these Covid-19 times! We feel this time, a little more attraction towards the heaviest category in the men’s division. Not only do we have some of the best profiles – but some new are also coming in.

Time will show, but we feel this is highly interesting on several levels.

We did a try to look into the (Japanese) draw, highlighted some of the participants – it is not complete, just a rough overview, there are far more strong fighters..

Women Lightweight
Women middleweight
Women light heavyweight
Women Heavyweight
Men Lightweight
Men Light Middleweight
Men Middleweight
Men Light Heavyweight
Men Heavyweight