Juri Minamihara vs Emi Shoguchi

Two World Champions, and two highly merited top fighters. To be correct, when this fights was fought, in 2016 and 2014 – Juri Minamihara was not World Champion – yet. “Only” runner up in the 11th World Championship held in 2015. Later on Minamihara took the World tittle in the weight category in 2017 (middleweight), and in the Open Weight World Championship in 2019. As for Emi Shoguchi, World Champion in 2011, and world champion in weight category 2017 (Super heavyweight) And for both, this is only some of their high merits packed record.

The first fight from The 46th All Japan Open 2014, quarterfinal. Emi Shoguchi being the huge favorite, being the World Champion from 2011, and the runner up in the World Championship weight categories in 2013. As for Juri Minamihara – not bad for an teenager..15 years –


This fight, from The 30th All Kyushu Karate Tournament,2016, are the semi final between the two top fighters. This was a year after Juri Minamihara came into the World stage, fighting the final in The World Championship final. Also being awarded the Spirit award.