Champion vs Champion

From the European championship in 2018, so this is nothing new – but we will give it some attention anyway. The European region and WKO expand and develop – and in 2018 we did get a new set of weight categories in the EC. This gave us some new match ups. One between two World Champions: Salahat Hasanov vs Valeri Dimitrov.

Both are well known profiles, and both did win the European Championship in 2016. Salahat Hasanov (Azerbaijan) took the top spot in the middleweight (-80 kg) as Valeri Dimitrov (Bulgaria) took one of many tittles he have in the super heavyweight.

In 2018 the met in the final, this time in the -85 kg category. The year before had not been a “regular” EC for none of them, Dimitrov out with an injury in the quarterfinal – Hasanov pulled out of the tournament close to start.

You all know the result of the fight, but what a great set up this was. Salahat Hasanov showing incredible strong fighting in the World Championship (Weight-categories) summer 2017 – and as we know, Valeri Dimitrov has also been on the same podium. So in matter of fact, the EC final contained two European and World champion going up against each other! The fight starts of very intense,and it is very interesting to see the choice of attack they choose, and how it turns out when when the ability to adapt is displayed.

Video by Olivier Vity