…back in the days..

These days, many old video clips are popping up. No wonder, since not much new is coming. Covid-19 has put the brakes on when it comes to championships. The joy will be great when the time is right to reopen this activity. Until then, we can have fun with old clips – of our role models and heroes – which also give an enormous amount of joy! We have collected some clips of European fighters, Dimitrov (97), Wallmen (?), Trampov (95), Imbras (00), Stefanovics (02) ,Najduch (95) Popov (03)

We take it for granted that you have seen these clips before, and several of you were probably also present and saw the events LIVE. But that said, we have made a small effort by collecting some clips.

We start with a long fight from Lithuania, the national championship (we believe) The fight is between Donatas Imbras and Gediminas Tankevičius, 2000

Video from Kaminaris Mažeikiai

The next clip, from the European Championship 1995, Bucharest, Romania. Dimitar Trampov (Bulgaria) vs Tomasz Najduch (Poland) (Unfortunately, the camera angle is changed towards the end – but it goes back to the fight, so results can be seen. That said, it is possible that the result is not the most important thing this time.

Video from kkskarate

Back in a national tournament, and this time in Bulgaria – 1997. Valeri Dimitrov vs Stepan Atanasov in the final.

Video from Shogun Kyokushin Dojo

Hungary, Hungarian championship 2002 József Stefanovics vs. Kornél Medve.

video from Victoryclub

Romanian fighter, now national coach, Harris Wallmen. In this fight, we do not know the second fighter, but the fight was held in Croatia, Branko Bošnjak Memorial.

Video from mamatadebou

One of the most dominant lightweight fighter in his time, Dimitar Popov (Bulgaria) European Championships 2003 – Kaunas, Lithuania – semi final vs. Vytautas Viscius (Lithuania)

Video from SenseiPopov