52nd All Japan Open

Legendary All Japan Open – the 52nd edition will be held November 21 & 22. Due to the Corona situation, there will be no spectators this time. Last edition gave us some really interesting fights. It was also a big effort, considering that this was a qualification for the world championship. To look forward to a great event now in these days are really good medicine!

The last edition had a very hard top 8 in the men division, with Yuji Shimamoto, Kazuya Yamamoto, Daiki Kato, Harutaka Okazaki, Syota Maeda,Yuto Eguchi, Kazufumi Shimamoto and Jyunki Ochi. Top 4 qualified to the 12th World Championship.

This years registration will start 1st September (WKO website)

In anticipation of this year’s version, we take a look at some of the top fights from the last version.

In a very entertaining semifinal, Kazuya Yamamoto faced Daiki Kato..


The last fight of the day, and the final between reign champion Yuji Shimamoto vs Kazuya Yamamoto.

In the women division that also kept a very high level, best two qualified to the World Championship – and it is safe to say that top 4 did not come easy..

Into the semi final between Yui Kikukawa vs Juri Minamihara, two very merited and strong competitors going toe to toe.

In the other semi-final incredible strong Yayoi Kubota vs the technician and raising star Riri Ishihara.