Mazovia MAX 70

Back in 2011, a highly professional tournament was held i Poland. Mazovia MAX 70, was i lightweight tournament with some of the best fighters in Europe. In the women division it was no limit regarding to the weight – so in that case we had an open-weight tournament. In both categories men and women, 1500 USD was the top prize!

Gabor Rozsa – Hungary (Photos (if not mistaken) MICHAL PUCHALSKI)

As mention the top fighters of Europe was attending. A point to remember was that this was in 2011, November 12, close to the 10th World Championship – but as we know, a lightweight fighter is not necessarily first choice in a open weight World tournament..

In front of the tournament the support was really amazing. Several nations attended with their top fighters, and IFK did also send a very strong team. In total 19 fighters was in the draw, in the men’s division – and 8 in the women’s division. Many of the fighters had notable records that included European championship medals, World championship medals and more.

But we will give you videos of the fights (some of them) and the full DRAW and results you can find below the videos.

Semi final
2nd Semi final


1. Gabor Rozsa – FIGHT-TEAM HSE (Hungary)
2. Andrius Miseckas – Rifas (Lithuania)
3. Yonas Eimontas – Saules Żenklas (Lithuania)
3. Csaba Gal – Power SE Cegled (Hungary)
Women’s division:
1. Julita Burczyńska – Tomasz Basiak Shinkyokushin Team (Poland)
2. Agata Kaliciak – Lamot Dojo (Poland)
3. Ina Orlova – Saules Żenklas (Lithuania)
3.Magdalena Habraszka – Lubos Dojo (Poland)