Easter Camp 2020 Sweden

10th – 12th of April, the 37th edition of the Swedish Easter camp will be held, in Östersund, Sweden. A highly eminent instructor panel are ready to welcome all to a traditional Kyokushin camp. Trough the years the camp has attracted participants from Europe, USA and even had guest from Japan.

As mention the instructors at he camp do not only hold a “good” level, the level are among so good one can get:

Shihan Howard Collins 8th Dan

Chief instructor at Gothenburg’s Karate Kai. One of the technical leaders in WKO (World Karate Organization). Began training karate at the age of 15 in Wales. Traveled as a 21-year-old to Japan to train directly under Sosai Masutatsu Oyama, founder of Kyokushin karate. Advanced in two years to third Dan and fought his way through the hundred man fight (100 two minute matches in one day). Second place in Kyokushin All Japan Tournament 1972 – something unique for a non-Japan. Started his own dojo in Wales. Acquired to Sweden and GKK by Shihan Attila Mészáros and has remained true to the club. Stopped competing actively in 1979 when he captured a fifth place in the World Championship. Known and respected throughout the international karate world.

Shihan Mikael Söderkvist 7th Dan

Chief instructor for Östersund’s Budo Kai. He started training karate in 1971 and is one of Sweden’s most experienced karate instructors. Shihan has a successful fighting career behind him, has been 6th place in All Japan 1980, and is also very active in SKK (Swedish Karate Kyokushin) as Deputy Chairman, Chairman of SKK’s technical committee, chairman of the Swedish Budo Federation’s education committee (karate section) and within the World Karate Organization (WKO), as Branch Chief (by WKO authorized leader) and Sweden’s Country Representative. He has for many years been active as a judge in both the WKF and Kyokushin Kumite at the highest national and Nordic levels. Being a highly attractive instructor to camps and seminars around.

Shihan Håkan Nygren 6th Dan

Chief instructor for Söråkers Kyokushin Karate. At age 16, in 1971, Shihan began practicing karate and throughout the 70s and 80s he has had great success in various competitions both nationally and internationally. Shihan has took 10 SM gold, as well as bronze in the open class at the European Championships in Geneva in 1981 and silver at the European Championships in Gothenburg in 1982. Best place in the World Cup was 5th place in the Individual class, 1979 in Tokyo. Shihan Nygren has also been a coach for both the Swedish and Norwegian national teams WKF and gained many great successes as leaders. He has had a great influence in the development of the competition fight in Sweden. Recently, Shihan Nygren has published a book, “Karate – Competition & Coaching”