Kyokushin Open Norway 2019 – Results

Saturday 16th February, the Kyokushin Open Norway was held in Bergen. The tournament runs smoothly – as always, the well drilled crew from Bergen Karate Club – 50 years anniversary of the year (!) Kyokushin Open could this year give us fighters from Sweden, Italy and Poland – and of course Noway. Denmark was for a while in the tournament as well, but pulled due to the lack fighters in the given category. Top positions was given to all nations, but it is fair to say that Poland made the biggest impression – this year.. (picture from

Last year we had the pleasure to see fighters from Shin Lithuania, Sweden (several Dojo’s / org), Italy go up against each other, and some of the Norwegian fighters. But the injuries and sickness made the Norwegians fewer than first expected. This year some of the Norwegian fighters was back – But unfortunately, neither Lithuania nor Sweden came back this year with athletes in the elite class in the same way they did in 2018. But the Italian Makotokai team came back full number – and once again made a great impression! Far as we know, (if not mistaken) they also adapted by changing categories, so it became an optimal number of fights. (Alessandro Pancaldi from -80 to -90 / and Alex Mandaglio from -90 to +90) (picture from MKIA – Makotokai International Association – Italia)

Among the juniors categories and the novice categories, the level and number of participants was satisfying, many great fights was to be seen, and there is no doubt that recruitment for the future looks good. As mention, in the senior elite category this year edition was a little paler than last time, but the tournament has shown it’s potential and will for sure keep on the good work!(Note: because of illness we did not cover this years tournament fight for fight)

The very competent Swedish team from Oyama Karate Kai Solna

Results – Kyokushin Open 2019

Polish team with Mariusz Mazur Shihan in the lead. (more pictures here from