Norwegian fall-camp 2018!

The weekend 19-21st October was the Norwegian fall-camp organized at Finnsnes, North Norway, by Finnsnes Karate-club Shinkyokushin. For the first time in Finnsnes – Japanese instructors was the headliners. Ochanomizu Dojo’s head instructors Kumiko Sunakawa Shihan and Mitsuhiro Izumi Sensei. For most of us Sunakawa Shihan is the known profile, but being a instructor in Ochanomitzu Dojo, Mitsuhiro Izumi are highly skilled instructor as well! The camp gathered participants from Finland, Sweden and Norway..

One must be considered lucky when such instructor capabilities comes to share their knowledge. As we have mention before, the WKO Shinkyokushinkai profiles and instructors all over the world works hard to spread their knowledge and raise the level in total. Kumiko Sunakawa came fresh of participating in The 50th All Japan Open, and through the camp one got a insight in what the experienced fighter works on at the moment. And as always very good explained in a larger picture the tough behind.

This was not the first time Sunakawa visited Norway, being one of the most popular instructor, and have attended on several Summer-camps and training sessions. For Mitsuhiro Izumi this was the first time, but he was well known for several Norwegian Karatekas, since several have visited Ochanomizu Dojo in Tokyo.

First stop was at Ringerike Karate-club Dojo,(close to the capitol, Oslo) where the relation are strong, and the Dojo celebrating their 30 years anniversary! A high pace session where the training was a mix of all elements. The group was split in half, one for each instructor. And there was no doubt that this was a big experience for many that have never been outside the Dojo.

The day after the trip went to Finnsnes, and that’s about 1000 kilometers North to Finnsnes Karate club, that is the Shinkyokushin Dojo that is most to the North in Norway. The person in charge in the North – Erik Anders Helin Sensei and with his crew, had organized everything in the best possible way, and the camp went smoothly trough the whole weekend. The camp gathered participant from Finland and Sweden, and from all over Norway, and many had traveled very long distance to meet and train under the two Japanese instructors. It was also representation from other organizations, as one of the most significant Dojo’s in the north was strongly represented – Tromsø Karate Club Sokyokushin.

The camp gave the participants every aspects of Full Contact Karate, and all was very amazed by the intelligent way of teaching that can only come from highly skilled instructors. All in high pace and with a very joyful tone. This combination makes it learning at the best possible way.

The fall-camp at Finnsnes was not the first edition, but it was the first time to lift it up with International instructors – and participants. This fifth edition of the Fall-camp give the answer to how the format will aimed to be from now and in the years to come!

Fall-Camp 2019 – it is all ready decided..!