Polish Open-weight 2018

20th October, the Polish top elite meet to crown the Polish best women and man in the Open Weight category. But it was not only Open-weight, Kata and the championship for youth was also held – top of that “Old masters” category. The championship gathered participants from all over Poland, over 240 athletes from 81 clubs..

No doubt that the Open-weight category was of big interest for many – also outside of Poland. Not so strange, since Poland happens to be on of the top nations in Full contact Karate. Many well known profiles attended, and with a top nation one will of course have top level fights..

In the men’s divisions all eyes was on the reign champion from 2016 and 2017 – Macej Mazur. who takes his third Polish Open-weight tittle, and through four fights, impressing win in the second fight vs Andrzej Winiarski, who was the champion in 2014, third fight against teammate Mateusz Kaptur (being top three several times in the weight category Polish Championship) before the final against a another top fighter Marek Wolny.

Full draw – from FIGHTEC

Mateusz Kaptur, Macej Mazur and Marek Wolny are all three ready for the European Championship Open-weight in November, and it looks like they are ready..

In the women’s category, it was a rerun from the final in 2016 Agata Winiarska (Kaliciak) vs Marta Lubos. In 2016 did Lubos pull it off, but on the other hand – Winiarska was the reign champion from last year 2017 – and not at least has been added some heavy tittles since last meting. This time as in 2016 – Marta Lubos became the champion. And one must say the podium was a very strong top four in total. Third place with Anna Bojda and Monika Zielinska, Agata Winiarska and Marta (The) Lubos(s) – all four are ready for the EC Open-weight in November. A highly merited team that will be a factor in the European Championship.