Kyokushin Open Norway 2019

Kyokushin Open Norway 2019 will be held in Bergen, Norway 16th February!

Organized by the oldest Kyokushin Dojo in Norway, Bergen The Kyokushin Open have a great history of international fighting. Three years back Poland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway attended the tournament, several organisations, styles and independent full contact practitioners joined. two year new nations entered the tournament, as Hungary and Italy joined! And Last year France and Lithuania!  And ladies – sharpen your shins, as before in this tournament there will be no shin-protection in the women`s category.

For the last years this tournament has been growing, slowly but surely. More and more nations have visited the tournament – and home-fighters has been far more active – and successful outside Norway. The organizer, Bergen Karate Club, the oldest Dojo in Norway celebrating their 50 years anniversary in 2019,are well drilled in the order to organize. And what could be a great present?!  :visit Kyokushin Open!

  • NOTE: Novice category and elite category
  • No shin protection in the women’s division
  • Juniors and seniors

Information and guidelines:

Last couple of years nations as Poland, Hungary and recently Lithuania entered the tournament. More at a regular basis we have seen Sweden, Denmark and Italy – from different organizations and styles! Even so that the level without any doubt increases for each year, will lead us to whom the tournament aims for. Not necessarily the top level of Europe and national team members – don`t get us wrong they are very welcome, but it is a fact that the level will be more in the mid or/and up and coming fighters. (more to come..)

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